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  1. Starting Out: Toshiba R630 Laptop

    I see Lion is coming out soon. I've given up looking at the BCM4313, fortunately I had a Linksys USB adapter that works fine. Refering back to the work / doesn't work list, the biggest stumbling blocks I see for my laptop and quite a few others here are: BroadCom BCM4313 - a very common budget N-series card, any hope there could be native support in Lion? Intel HD graphics - a wide-reaching term that covers a lot of chipsets. I believe my variant falls between being to new for standard Snow Leopard support and too old to be helped by the Sandy Bridge updates. Maybe I need to look again at getting at my DSDT.dml working! Everything else seems negotiable I will put this project on hold till Lion comes out. If I can at least get my graphics working okay I'll consider swapping the BCM4313 for something Airport compatible. Thanks for all the help so far! Regards, Andy
  2. Starting Out: Toshiba R630 Laptop

    Very nice! Will look at that next As for the BCM4313, hacking the kext for the BCM4311 or BCM43224 didn't seem to achieve much Given the number of people who have hit the same road block I'll just get a USB Wifi stick until some kind soul ports over the Broadcom open source linux driver. Strange... last few boot ups I could get both x32 and x64 running. No idea what I did there! Anyhoo, will have to leave this project till next week as I actually have to do some real work Regards, Andy
  3. Starting Out: Toshiba R630 Laptop

    Okay, just so I've not gone completely mad I tried a standard boot CD + Retail install, combo then [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]. Then added "arch=i386" and nope, same as in my first post. However, after a few more test installs it seems the AppleIntelHD* kexts were leading to the hang as before: either as a stall or at best switching to a blank grey screen. Reading around I gather either my HD Graphics won't work at all or more likely be enabled by using a working DSDT.aml and/or hacking around the kexts. I shall leave the investigations of the graphics for a while and look into the other hardware. So far I have: System updated to 10.6.7 booting mach_kernel as x32 (but not x64) Wired Ethernet Basic VESA graphic support Accurate memory and processor description in "About" Things that probably work but not fully tested: Keyboard (some characters in wrong places but not really surprising in hackintosh!) Trackpad (works but in theory could have multitouch) non-DSDT power support (SleepEnabler, VoodooBattery, etc. load but not looked at) USB devices (work most of the time but occasional KPs on insertion) DVD-Writer (OSX lists all the capabilities I'd expect) Sound (need to find which kext best suits the ALC269) Not working but probably might: Lid webcam (works in 10.6.0 retail, breaks from 10.6.3 on, related to above USB issues?) No idea on these at the moment: Wifi (BCM4313) Bluetooth (BCM2070) Full graphics support DSDT I have a theory on the BCM4313: posts on this usually finish with hacking around the vanilla IO80211Family.kext with focus on the BCM4311 kext. However, looking at the specs on Broadcom's site the 4311 and 4313 have nothing in common and I can't see any relation between them other than +2 Also in IO80211Family.kext is the BCM43224 which on paper is very similar to the BCM4313 but the former has a dual 2.4/5GHz transmitter - both are 'n' capable. I shall be looking here More later! Regards, Andy
  4. Starting Out: Toshiba R630 Laptop

    Mmm, no good Installed in that order and removed the Intel HD kexts but I still get the same AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement KP. I also tried adding the NullCPUPowerManagement kext back in and got KP on AppleACPIPlatform again. Trying some random things, I pulled the DSDT.dml file and added in the Extensions.mkext from modCD. And it booted! Which is a first for my system without using some sort of boot CD. Obviously there's some magic involved in nawcom's Extensions (blacklisting of kexts is an obvious example) so I've just tried with a minimum FakeSMC and NullCPUPowerManagement (as I'm not using the DSDT.dml) and... It boots! Um... But no keyboard or mouse, just put that Voodoo PS/2 stuff back in and... It boots betterer! Okay, some testing: mach_kernel x32 boots fine mach_kernel x64 KPs on ACPI like with the DSDT.aml nawcom's legacy_kernel for 10.7.0 is also fine as x32 legacy_kernel x64 doesn't KP but does stall waiting around for AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement So, 3 possibilities here: I'm a noob and didn't try the arch=i386 a lot earlier (pure ignorance on my part) Killing the Intel HD kexts helped a lot The new Lion version of Chameleon helped (kewl new theme, thanx MaLd0n!) Or possibly a combination of all three The journey continues... Regards, Andy
  5. DSDT fix needed for Tosh R630

    Arrandale which wikipedia says is a mobile variant of Nehalem running the first Core series. Regards, Andy
  6. DSDT fix needed for Tosh R630

    This is on a clean install... I think Anyhoo, I tried a fresh install again with these steps: Retail 10.6.3 Install (10.6.0 won't run the combo update without a KP) 10.6.7 Combo (no reboot) Add DSDT.aml to desktop & run [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] UserDSDT + fix caches/permissions Reboot... KPs on AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement Boot CD again and add NullCPUPowerManagement (+ fixes) KPs on AppleACPIPlatform Now, I believe it should be possible to get the Core processors running natively with AppleIntelCPUManagement which I'm looking into now Concerning my post in the Newbie area, if you type "Toshiba R630 OSX" into Google it's the No.1 entry Ofc that means I'm completely on my own with this model but it'd be nice to be the first to get it running OSX properly. Regards, Andy
  7. DSDT fix needed for Tosh R630

    Apologies for cross-posting but using the DSDT file gives me a kernel panic for AppleACPIPlatform as mentioned here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1681584 Haven't found a solid solution to this one, loads of mentions on the forums though Regards, Andy
  8. Starting Out: Toshiba R630 Laptop

    I'm currently looking at the DSDT for my R630. MaLd0n was kind enough to fix the errors in the DSDT section. Unfortunately, this leads to another problem: Kernel Panic for the AppleACPIPlatform just after the kernel is loaded Seems to be a lot of mentions of this but I haven't turned up any clear solutions. A few people have had success dropping the new kext (1.3.5) to one from 10.6.3 (1.3.2) but that didn't work for me. Any ideas? Regards, Andy
  9. DSDT fix needed for Tosh R630

    Wow! That was quick... need to call you MaLd0n "The Machine" Thanx very much. I shall compare with the old one and try to understand a bit more about this. Best Regards, Andy
  10. DSDT fix needed for Tosh R630

    Hi guys, I working on getting OSX 10.6.7 up and running on my R630 (take a look in the newbie area) and I've got to the DSDT stage I really can't figure these things out, I'm okay with compilers and low-level programming generally but could someone explain why the extracted file spits out so many "Object not found" errors please? I can probably figure out the rest Regards, Andy DSDT_R630.zip
  11. Starting Out: Toshiba R630 Laptop

    Okay... I've played about enough with VirtualBox to learn a little more about OSX (I hope!) Back to installing on my laptop. I grabbed the latest modCD, now I knew a bit more about it, and tried to install the 10.6.3 Retail DVD again. I did the 10.6.7 combo + [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] but no luck on rebooting. Still hangs sometime between "DSMOS has arrived" and the GUI starting. This time however, I managed to boot up using modCD and it was nice to see 10.6.7 in the "About" box plus the correct CPU ID for my Core i3 So... I think I have two routes now: modify my Chameleon to mimic what modCD is doing to and/or get stuck into the black art of DSDT! I did try the network driver you mentioned and it shows up nicely on screen as AppleIntelE1000e with its MAC address, so thanks for that tip. I still think my problems are graphics related. Given that the current Macbook Pros have Intel HD Graphics and the sleight-of-hand modCD does to guarantee some sort of GUI appears Probably a case of getting OSX to recognise my onboard graphics as something it likes... Back to DSDT it seems. Regards, Andy
  12. Starting Out: Toshiba R630 Laptop

    Thanx for the reply! Interesting... you may be on to something with the network drivers. I did mention the "DSMOS has arrived" stall and when run native no mention of my internal network card was made. Unlike when run under VirtualBox. I shall investigate this avenue further but I have a wedding to go to this weekend so not much time Refering to the motherboard: laptops are always tricky, especially so trying to shoe-horn OSX on but I guess it's Toshiba's take on the Intel HM55 chipset. I get that my best option is going down the DSDT route but there are no mentions I can find of anyone even attempting to load OSX on the R630 let along kicking out a premade DSDT file Anyhoo, given the relative newness of this particular model - R630-156 - let me try and drum up some interest with a comparison to the 13" Macbook Pro. Suprising (even to me!) they are nearly idential specs so I'll just note some of the differences: Physical Mac 24mm(H)x325mm(W)x227mm(D) 2.04kg vs Tosh 18mm/27mm(H)x316mm(W)x227mm(D) 1.48kg Aluminium vs Kewl Black Magnesium but otherwise similiar Display Max 1440x900 (16:10) vs Tosh 1366x768 (16:9) Both Intel HD Graphics but Mac obviously better here External Ports Mac Firewire, Thunderbolt, Mini Display Port vs Tosh eSATA, VGA and HDMI Other External Mac Subwoofer vs Tosh keyboard has a Home/PgUp/PgDn/End column squeezed in Battery Mac 63.5Wh (7hrs) vs 66WH (8hr55m) manufacturers ratings ofc! CPU Mac i5 Core @ 2.3GHz (base spec) vs Tosh i3 Core @ 2.53GHz Memory Mac 4GB (base spec) vs Tosh 3GB Price Mac £999 (base spec) vs Tosh £649 (discounted to £579 retail) So, if you could have OSX running on the Tosh you'd miss out on Firewire as a deal breaker IMHO. Obviously the Macbook Pro is a better machine but did I mention that the Tosh is made of kewl black magnesium Back to loading OSX on the thing: before the Macbooks started using Intel HD Graphics and iCore processors this would have been a lost cause, now I'm sure it'll work Current progress: I transfered the pre-made VirtualBox image to my laptop and it boots... occasionally Now, this is the really feaky part: I dialled up the CPU count to 2 for a laugh knowing multicore is usually a cause of most problems and way-hay! we have lift off. Reliable booting every time with no switches Won't shut down but you can't have everything (and yes, EvOreboot is installed.) Definitely getting somewhere... more next week! Regards, Andy
  13. Starting Out: Toshiba R630 Laptop

    Okay... as no one can help I'll try it a different way I've loaded up VirtualBox on the laptop and funnily enough I've not had much luck here either. Odd, but I don't even get through the install process. My desktop PC, although not perfect, does run OSX okay on VirtualBox so I'm seeing what happens if I copy the pre-made, pre-patched virtual machine over to the laptop. Would anyone care to rate my chances of 1) getting it running 2) transferring the virtual machine data to a real partition and dropping the need for VirtualBox Regards, Andy p.s. Interestingly, I had a similar problem installing OSX on VirtualBox where it stalled after "DSMOS has arrived" but this time a network card was mentioned as loaded and rebooting with "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" did the trick.
  14. Hi All! Great forum guys! Lots of interesting stuff but as I'm just starting out I'm a little out of my depth! Got a new laptop from work last week - Toshiba R630-156 - nice and cheap, less than 1.5kg, magnesium case and i3-380M Core processor. Quite a powerful machine for its size I started setting up a dual-boot, Win7 / XP machine (although I could probably get away with XP on VirtualBox / VirtualPC) and then I thought: triple-Boot with Linux for fun errr.... anyhoo, I really only need the Win7 so I thought OSX would be much more useful given more and more of my customers are getting them. Machine Spec: Toshiba R630-156 Intel i3-380M Core processor 3GB RAM Hitachi 320GB 5400rpm 2.5" internal drive Matsu{censored}a DVD rewriter Intel HM55 Chipset Intel HD onboard graphics Realtek ALC269 Audio Intel 82577LC LAN Broadcom BCM4313 WiFi Broadcom BCM2070 Bluetooth (via internal USB) Toshiba Webcam (via internal USB) External VGA, HDMI, USB and eSATA ports, Ricoh Cardreader... no ExpressCard Loads of "clever stuff" from Tosh we can hopefully ignore! e.g. some weird gyroscope thingy that notices me lobbing the thing out of the window and parks the heads My Background: Building custom PCs Imaging systems, juggling drivers and system identities Virtual Machines (VMWare and VirtualBox mostly) C# Programming... um not much use here Win2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 OS9 (PowerMacs) OSX.... not really! Journey into OSX armed with: Old retail 10.6.0 install DVD Borrowed 10.6.3 install DVD (from kind customer) Install DVDs from <cough> dubious sources (not very good on iCore it seems) Spare desktop machine Step 1: Virtual Machine First up I noticed the amount of work that required an existing working Mac so I spent some time loading up 10.6.0 on VirtualBox. I don't recommend VMWare as it's slow and really hasn't improved much since VMWare's glory days. Tip for VirtualBox on Win7: if you have problems with USB devices try inserting a second time and they usually work. Also, if you notice the VirtualBox virtual USB driver failing to install you can manually override your chosen device and update it's driver in Device Manager... look for Oracle under manufacturers. Don't forget to add the Oracle Extensions pack to VirtualBox! Trying various bootloaders I found [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url] worked about the best but I didn't bother with any updates or [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url]. However, now I could save some time and dump the DVDs to a USB drive using Restore from the OSX disk utility. And yes, hardly anything works and it crashes horribly on shutdown Step 2: Trying Bootloaders Again, after experimenting with various bootloaders, [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url] (basically Chameleon) seemed the most reliable. Others tended to need too many switches which gets a little boring after a few dozen install attempts. Tip: busratio=19 for i3-380M (if needed by your loader) Step 3: Retail Install First attempt was with 10.6.0 which installed fine and freaked me out when it grabbed the webcam for my account pic... kewl However, attempting to install any combo patches > 10.6.2 resulted in a KP. Plenty of people have had the same problem but the simplest solution is to give up. Let me clarify: Tip for modern machines: don't waste time with 10.6.0 and start with 10.6.3 retail DVD Took me about 6 installs to figure that one out. 10.6.3 *seemed* to work much better but this time the webcam was broken, such a loss QQ Step 4: Combo Update Now the 10.6.7 combo patch went fine. So on to [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url]. This one had me stumped for a while: KP after combo/[url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url] reboot due to Apple's CPU power management. Doh! forgot to rebuild the caches. Although the NullCPUpowermanagement kext was in there the cache didn't know. Grrrr... Step 5: Booting with out [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url] CD This is where I'm up to. I selected the "easy" option in [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url] as I really have no idea about hardware in relation to OSX. Booting seems to stall half way. Verbose option reveals the hang is after "DSMOS has arrived" which sorta points to some issue with graphics or networking maybe? I don't get any errors or warning messages up that point which is almost too perfect! Tried -x option to no avail. Also tried GraphicsEnabler=Yes and No. Single User at least got to a command line prompt but the keyboard was dead. Going back to a boot CD pretty much gave the same result albeit with warnings about the kexts from the boot CD overriding the ones attempting to load from the internal hard drive. I've noticed after a minute or so there is some drive activity but it's still stuck. Step 6: Give up? Am I flogging a dead horse here or is there a chance this could work? I don't expect to get everything working perfectly but personally I would like to get it at least going with 10.6.7 booting from the internal drive without too many clever switches. Should I start looking into DSDT? Looks complicated. Is some piece of my hardware stalling 10.6.7? Like it really hates the Intel HD graphics? Some pointers would be appreciated Best Regards, Andy