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  1. Not that it's what you're looking for, but my Fujitsu P1500D runs 10.4.7 perfectly fine, graphics, sound, wifi, bluetooth all worked without any hang ups. The tablet however does not, nor could I get it to work with tablet magic. However I didn't mess around with TM all too much. When I can get to my external optical drive, I'll install leopard (or at least try) and report back.
  2. OSX86 and the Fujitsu P1510

    I hate to resurrect a dead thread, but I installed 10.4.8 on my P1510 and get a kernel panic. I'm trying a 10.4.6 disc I have and it won't get to the install screen after the apple loading, any one have any luck with this little bugger?
  3. UnOfficial Dell Inspiron 6000 Thread

    Does anyone in here know of a tray set up to put a second hard drive in a 6000 to replace the optical drive?
  4. ATI Radeon x300 Mobility

    I've been trying to get my card working in 10.4.7 (used the patched jas 10.4.8 disc though, dunno what's up with that) but to no avail. used the guides on page one for 10.4.3 just ofr fun and got it working, upgraded to .8 and no go. I used the new guide for the fresh install of .8 and it worked like a charm. I don't have the same problem but there is mouse tearing. so to anyone that gets this far that can't get anything working, try the last how to. And thanks to all who helped.