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  1. Terminal.app

    Read the friendly GNU bash info "info bash" in a terminal. I don't really think they belongs to profile, should be in the resource file, either .shrc or .bashrc. But of course since shopt I believe is bash specific, so it should be in .bashrc. regards, omol
  2. Terminal.app

    Suppose you are using bash, then in your .bashrc, at the very least make sure these lines are in the PS1 interactive section:- shopt -s histappend export HISTCONTROL=ignoredups export HISTIGNORE="&:ls:[bf]g:exit" shopt -s cmdhist regards, omol
  3. MOTU VS HD4890

    Firewire audio i/o? Get a TI chipset firewire controller card.
  4. Applied Acoustic System plugins

    Add this to your existing Little Snitch Rules: New rule. Set Deny Connections. Paste this "/Library/Little Snitch/Little Snitch UIAgent.app/Contents/MacOS/Little Snitch UIAgent" (without quote) into the Application text edit area. Set Server/Port/Proto to Any. omol disclaimer: Purely for educational purpose only.
  5. Applied Acoustic System plugins

    Software phone home. Use LittleSnitch. regards, omol
  6. T-RackS 3 Deluxe doenst load on logic 8.0.2

    No idea if the plugin is buggy, but it surely is a memory hog. Especially, if you enable linear phase and low latency. Check memory usage with Activity Monitor. In my case, whenever the WaveBurner climbs over 2G Real Memory with this plugin loaded, program crash will not be too far away. On the contrary, WaveBurner is extremely stable even if consumes over 2G WITHOUT T-Racks3 inserted. Regards, omol
  7. T-RackS 3 Deluxe doenst load on logic 8.0.2

    Did you install the cracked version first? Then the demo b'cos the cracked verison did not work? My personal experience is that the T-Racks 3 will phone home whenever the first instance loaded in hosting application. Regards, omol
  8. "EFI String" is a bunch of ascii characters that describes whatever hardware device installed that this string will be passed to kernel from the bootloader while booting up to emulate certain function that does not present on generic pc but present on genuine mac. Google for "EFIStudio" or "Uinstaller". Fancy GUI front end to create appropriate EFI String for the compatible hardware device. Regards, omol
  9. T-RackS 3 Deluxe doenst load on logic 8.0.2

    Reinstall, little snitch block "System Process" - both TRackS3.component and TRackS3.vst, apply cracks/serial/authorization etc, done. Regards, omol disclaimer: the instructions herein are for educational purpose only
  10. As I am using EFI string and vanilla kernel with my nVidia setup, and I experienced no such problem with Logic and WaveBurner, I am quite sure it is not driver problem. If possible, I suggest you try loaning a nVidia card from friend and test you plugins with the card. Windows may not show problem since the windows driver clock/voltage down the card when not in 3d mode. Not all OEM card created equal. My 7300GT which is a el cheapo Inno3d died in just a year so worths trying to loan a card to test. Regards, omol I would suggest you first to try with vanilla kernel and EFI String. If the problem persists, try pm Alex @ voxengo. Regards, omol
  11. I personally never experienced this with nVidia display card, but only with ATI, and not only Voxengo, but also other essential (to me) AU plugins, like iZotope, IKMultimedia, Sonalksis, etc. The plugin window contents refuse to draw, just black, unless if I can with luck click the Preference/Setting button then the window will go back to normal. Very frustrating. So my main workhorse is still with nVidia display card. However, have you checked if your nVidia card is working properly? Try run something that is 3d intensive. Regards, omol
  12. Stoplight or SPOTlight

    You sir should at least search google or this forum before making fun of yourself. Sigh..... Regards, omol
  13. delay 300 tell application "System Events" restart end tell regards, omol
  14. WINE 1.x.x discussion and compilation

    Install Macports, then in Terminal, "sudo port selfupdate && sudo port install wine". Installing every piece of dependancy by hand is so 90.