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  1. Installation problem on acer 5740

    Here they are... rootlist.txt extralist.txt extra_ext_list.txt
  2. Installation problem on acer 5740

    yes, the site seems blocked here for some reason...used a proxy and downloaded the file. Also i reinstalled windows since my bro needed the laptop, again using MBR. I did as you asked me, unfortunately in the single user mode it could not detect my usb. Therefore i used http://www.paragon-software.com/home/hfs-windows/ and copied the file. Now here are the messages i get.
  3. Installation problem on acer 5740

    how about if i use this one? http://www.kexts.com/view/1092-anv_legacy_...ustom_dyld.html
  4. Installation problem on acer 5740

    the site seems to be down for some reason...will have to try again after a few hours...
  5. Installation problem on acer 5740

    sure tell me everything...ill do it now....i am familiar with linux...
  6. Installation problem on acer 5740

    i tried all...i did get into the single user mode..i guess it is used to change the files...it still does not work..any other solutions?
  7. Installation problem on acer 5740

    new problem it now shows setWOW_PARAMETERS : wowevents = 2(1) disk0s3 : ioctl ('',51,0) is unsupported. disk0s3 : ioctl ('',51,0) is unsupported. disk0s4 : ioctl ('',51,0) is unsupported. disk0s4 : ioctl ('',51,0) is unsupported. fakesmc: key not found BEMB, length - 1 and here is a snapshot of the error
  8. Installation problem on acer 5740

    1)I already had a windows 7 installation. So the partition is MBR. There are three partitions.2 of NTFS and one of MAC Journaled FS. Do i need to format the hdd and install mac first and the windows 7 later? if so i guess i have to partition with GPT. 2)I have tried to install atleast 10 times now, trying all the permutations and combinations, but i guess the disk error apperas all the time. I unselected all the drivers, but i made sure i used the legacy kernel. i have tried these boot flags when i get into the hazard DVD -v cpus=2 busratio=16 arch=i386 as i said it installs successfully everytime but after it reboots, it either gets stuck at the apple logo if i do not use verbose mode or at the errors i mentioned above. I used the kext provided by voodoo for the sound. I guess Realtek is not supported. I am a little bit concerned about the CMOS getting corrupted, it has not happened until now, so do you think i should use that fix? could you please tell me what is applertc, evoreboot, openhaltrestart and fakesmc? thankyou for your time...
  9. Installation problem on acer 5740

    now i am getting disk0s2 : ioctl (' ',51,0) is unsupported. disk0s3 : ioctl (' ',51,0) is unsupported. disk0s1 : ioctl (' ',51,0) is unsupported. disk0s2 : ioctl (' ',51,0) is unsupported. disk0s3 : ioctl (' ',51,0) is unsupported. and then disk activity stops. using the chameleon bootloader this time.
  10. Installation problem on acer 5740

    It is set to AHCI. Also during the installation process i installed the chameleon bootloader RC5, the usb and the NTFS patch, unfortunately there was no option for hd 4500 graphics driver. The only option in the hazard instllation was gma 950 and x3100. During this installation i never installed any graphics driver. During my previous installation i installed the x3100 and that used to atleast take me to the gray apple logo, and it used to get stuck there with the music playing. This time the kernel panics. But i will try out the fix you recommended.
  11. Installation problem on acer 5740

    there is a lot of info...but i guess it is not recognizing the graphics hardware...is there anyway i can integrate the intel hd graphic driver in the installation cd of hazard...if there is such a kext? ok now i made some sense out of the info i got...i says unable to find driver for this platform \ACPI\ etc etc.....,
  12. Installation problem on acer 5740

    ok now there is a new problem, i used hazard to install the OS, and used to freeze at the apple logo at startup when i used chameleon. now when i used [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] the OS asks me to restart the laptop in 4 different languages....now what do i do?
  13. Installation problem on acer 5740

    Thanks for the reply, i was wondering if steps specified would work with intel hd graphics, anyways i am trying now and would post my progress...
  14. Hi i have just tried to install hackintosh hazard 10.6.6i on my acer 5740. core i3 330m, 3 gb ram, graphics of intel hd, atheros wi-fi card etc. Installation is succesful, but after reboot it is stuck at the apple logo. Waiting for something to come up after that does not help, after a few minutes or so some music plays and hdd activity completely dies down. I have tried the ioata family fix patch but it doesnt help. Help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.