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  1. tested at time with a fresh install key (in 10.9.1) created with myhack with my Extra folder (DSDT + 2 plist + extensions folder with fakemsc + voodoo), again a black screen when the interface must appear ... with my install CD 10.5.6 it works
  2. thank you very much for your answer. boot.plist is org.chameleon.boot ? if yes, yes I have put this files in my /Extra folder. ​ My ​good DSDT is the DSDT-alt.aml, with other, boot freeze at ( PCI configuration begin ) (I have a 9500m) However, even with the right DSDT, setup freeze at : USBMSC Identifier (non-unique): 4C5300001230204121395 0x781 0x5583 0x100, 2 with OSX 10.9.4, I will try another version ...
  3. Hello ! For information, links from the 1st page have been restored, thank's Unfortunately, I have a problem I can't seem to launch installation Up here, OSX 10.6.3 was installed on my XPS and everything worked perfectly. I want to try OSX 10.8.3 or 10.9.4 or 10.10.5 (all official), I can no longer start the installation after the first phase of boot, I get a black screen when the menus of install should appear. I tried to do my installation key with bcc's method (first page), with MyHack and with #####, with the generic Extra folder and those of bcc's (FakeSMC and VoodooPS2 in Extra / Extensions and org.chameleon.boot and smbios in Extra) and nothing works ... My key is formatted as necessary and makes 32Gb (1 partition, MacOS extented, MBR), in the Bios A15, IntelSpeedStep, Virtualization and DynamicAcceleration are disabled, SATA in AHCI mode, LAN, BT, Wifi, USB enabled. I also tested with "-x" and "-x PCIRootUID=1" "-x GraphicsEnabler=Yes", nothing changes ... If you ever have an idea, let me know!
  4. Hello ! All links of the first message are in error ... It's possible to find it elsewhere ? thx
  5. I had the same problem. Plug a USB keyboard and once installation is complete, install VoodooPS2. After that your keyboard will be recognized.
  6. Thank you, your classical DSDT doesn't work, but your DSDT-alt work like metamorphoise DSDT's. But I have a lot of artefacts in game (Age of Empire III), under osx 10.5.8 for example, it work perfectly. I think GFX is not working at 100%
  7. Hey ! I'm sorry, I didnt have much time these days, but I have try to downgrade AppleACPIPlatform with an older 10.5 I believe, and I crash my system. After restore with good AppleACPI and fix it with bcc patch 1.8, I have try metamorphoise DSDT and it work perfectly ! I have sound and graphic correctly ! For information, I didn't have GeForce 210 but 9200 + 9400 and always with A14 Bios. Many thanks to you !
  8. For information, i tried to downgrade my BIOS to A14 successfully ... but it didn't change anything with DSTD A14 or DSDT A14 Lion V1.
  9. Hello ! I'm a French user with a bad english, i'm sorry. I have installed Lion on my laptop XPS1340 with great bcc9 tuto's and i want to thank you ! Previously i have installed 10.5.7 with your tuto too. But with Lion, i have the same problem like bfbruin when i put DSDT.aml A14.Lion.vi in my Extra folder ... and i use your modified org.chameleon.Boot.plist, at startup, osx freeze at [ PCI Configuration Begin ]. I have try (like bfbruin) to upgrade Lion to 10.7.2 but it didnt change anything with DSDT, without, i can boot but with no sound, no battery status, ... I have verified the org.chameleon.Boot.plist contain npci=0x2000 flag. Do you have an idea ? I have installed your AppleACPIPlatform 1.8 and reinstall AppleHDA after upgrade 10.7.2. Otherwise, all my components work properly (gig ethernet, wifi, webcam, ... i think gfx too ...) Thank you. PS : I have A15 Bios, is it bad ?