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  1. Problem installing Mavericks

    My FakeSMC is located in /S/L/E with version: http://grab.by/zC8S Diskutil is returning http://grab.by/zC94 and the /EFI directory in finder looks like this: http://grab.by/zC9u As I understand, I'll have to reinstall the OSX with the MBR setting right? How do I do that? I suppose there is no MBR setting in installation itself.
  2. Problem installing Mavericks

    Hey! I installed the Clover rev 2795 on the latest version and set up the MBR setting as well as set everything on by bios to legacy mode. The bootloader now loads fine, but the same problem still persists. When I'm using my sata cable it's waiting on the root device, when I'm using external USB drive everything works fine. The problem with the large drives shoudn't be a problem, since I'm using 250gb sata drive for my Mavericks installation. The 1Tb drive I have disconnected because I have installed windows 7 on it and there are some things I wouldn't want to lose. ( I have a bad habit of messing something up while installing new OS'es, so I decided to disconnect this drive physically while I'm messing around with this. ) I assume that the windows 7 is running on legacy mode, that's why I went with it. I'm starting to wondering, could this issue be related to my sata controller itself? Maybe there's a kext I need to install to make this work? Most likely I'm doing something simply dumb and the answer has been in front of me all along
  3. Problem installing Mavericks

    Whoa, thank you for your quick responses! I went into my bios settings and did not notice any previously mentioned "secure boot" option. There was only one security option where I could select between "OS" and "Setup" options. All the boot options was selected as both UEFI and Legacy mode. Currently I'm using Chameleon v2.2svn r2378. I'll try out the Clover tomorrow, hopefully it will work. It's 3am now The picture of my verbose boot can be seen here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1polz98pghw4wpu/2014-08-14%2002.47.48.jpg Yeah, I know that there is a kernel backtrace there, but I'm sure that is not the problem because: 1. It boots normally on USB with this backtrace; 2. This is my second installation today, I already fixed it previous time (today) by applying ACPI backroll kext and the problem still did persist. It was getting late, left it for tomorrow fix list In fact I'm writing this post now from Mavericks which I booted with these settings (without -x safe mode): http://grab.by/zs2i ( maybe there's something here missing? ) Again, thank you guys for the help! EDIT: Okay, I couldn't go to sleep without knowing if this will work or not. I installed the Clover, tried booting on both sata cable and usb, both stopped me on "boot1: error" https://www.dropbox.com/s/2v9rpzljj9im9mf/2014-08-14%2003.29.17.jpg Had to boot back using my installation usb.
  4. Problem installing Mavericks

    Hey! Bumping an old thread of mine. After a few months I decided to give it another shot. I did read somewhere that there could be a problem that the 1Tb drive it too big for some reason, I swapped it with a 250gb sata drive and hooked up via external USB case. I managed to install it and everything works good as long as the drive is hooked up via the USB, when I connect it via the sata connection, it stops at the "still waiting for the root device" Does anybody have has an idea what could be wrong? How could I fix that? Thank you in advance.
  5. Problem installing Mavericks

    I already did parition it to GUID partition table and HFS+ using my old build. I'll give it a try once more using the linux live cd.
  6. Hey there! I was trying to install Mavericks on my new pc, everything goes smooth until I'm in the installation, it does not show the hard drive I'm trying to install it to in Disk Utility. The only thing it is showing is the Installation USB. I have tried several things: 1. Setting bios SATA controller to AHCI mode; 2. Using other SATA ports for the hard drive; 3. Using several kexts that I found online; 4. Pre-partitioning and formatting the drive before installation; I'm getting quite desperate here, none of this seems to be working. Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong? My specs: GIGABYTE Z77P-D3 rev1.1 mobo Intel i7 3770k cpu AMD Radeon 6850 2gb WD Blue 1.0TB hard drive Thank you so much in advance.