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    Leadtek PX9800 GT geforce 9800GT QE

    To filosofem: Thanks your solution worked QE for me! ideneb 10.5.8 use px9800gt 512m just Put your efistring in to /library/preferences/systemconfiguration/apple.com.Boot.plist. <key>device-properties</key> <string> </string> Thanks again! pchot
  2. 1.When the bootloader ask you for rescan, press ENTER. Go to boot options (f8), Swap 10a432snow leopard dvd disks, then press ESC to rescan drive. When the name of the DVD appears, press ENTER. 2. I have leo installed on a second drive, used it to fix the SL intallation. Here is what I've done: (1).booted into leo, installed Chameleon 2.0 RC1 and EFI v10.1 on the SL drive (replacing the loader that came by default,because it is not working for pc) (2).copied the Extra folder from leo root (which had chameleon installed) to SL, removing all kexts in Extensions subfolder. (3)ran DSDT patcher to get a dump of dsdt.aml with fixes, placed it both into SL root and /Extra. (4).moved these kexts from /System/Library/Extensions to /Extra/Extensions: NullCPUPowerManagement, OpenHaltRestart, SleepEnabler, PlatformUUID, dsmos.kext (dsmos.kext had to download it from netkas).
  3. 1.THANKS, Now it should start from my 10a432-SL dvd 2.that worked for me !!! used ga EP43-DS3L M/B.
  4. pchot

    Realtek ALC1200 (WORKING NOW!)

    working on my p5q se/r on ideneb 1.3 (leopard 10.5.5), very good !!!
  5. just try to use leopard 10.5.5 probably can passed this ???
  6. 1.I heard been use VMware Fusion 1.1.1-build 72441 on Leopard 10.5.2 hackintoshes with windows xp profession. 2.but 10.5.2 hackintoshes can not use mac bootcamp.
  7. pchot

    NForce SATA Controller

    Report on the new KEXT I had test the new kext on my DFI NF4 utra chips motherborad and Zephyroth AMD 10.5.2 install dvd NOW : my SATA DVD DRIVE finally mounts DVD now, it is good USE for DVDPLAYER YOU ARE GREAT MEDEVIL!!! KEEP GOINN
  8. pchot

    Attansic L1 Driver Project