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  1. How do you get autofit to work? I'm having problems getting it too work I am using vmware workstation 7.1.4 on windows 7 And I'm using the legacy kernel and the mac os x version is 10.6.6
  2. Linux or windows xp should do but you have to have hardware virtaulization enabled
  3. What version of os x are you using?
  4. To fix that you go into utilities then disk utilities and then the vbox disk and go to erease and then reformat it there
  5. Don't use rebel efi 1) It has not been updated in a long time 2) It's a commercial sulotion Instead use nawcoms mod cd, myhack or empire efi
  6. Just daul boot windows and mac os x And with a program called wubi you can make the windows bootloader boot from ubunut And then you'll get your triple boot machine
  7. Well on the osx86 wiki they said you can get a x-fi go sound blaster usb card And its only 40$ link http://us.store.creative.com/Creative-Soun.../B0044DEDC0.htm
  8. How did you figure out that the apps used software rendering instead of open gl and how did you figure out the apps functions too because I want to see how I can help continue your driver?
  9. Well I hate to break this to you but unfortultly there is no way to fix it without buying something Zenith432 stated that because of how vmware works there is now way to fix this without 1: Reverse enginerring the apple core audio framework and making it not check the buffer drain 2: Change something in vmware But however if you buy a usb sound card you might be able to fix the issue And when your buying a usb sound card make sure its compadible with os x snow And then connect the sound card to the virtual machine and install the nessary drivers And that should fix the issue
  10. How do you even get to the log? Because I want to learn how to improve this driver and what doesn't work
  11. I'm wondering the same thing too Well if you want a good laptop that is fairly cheap try finding an laptop with an intel core dou 2 or i series processer (DONT CHOOSE AMD!) And also you should look around online for used laptops too For the gpu you should try to see if you can find any used laptops with a nvidia card that have an intel core dou 2 or i series processer that are cheap
  12. I really want to continue zenith432's work on qe/ci in vmware And I'm almost half-way done with c++ for dummies After that what books do I need to read to continue his qe/ci work And I have a lot of free time (in fact almost all day I'm on the computer)
  13. I'm looking for opinions on some good hackint0sh laptops Because I don't want to make the same mistake as last time were I purchased this hackint0sh laptop that didn't even support AHCI! Here is what I plan to do with the laptop Movie editing Surfing the web Listening to music Coding Playing retro games (they are my favorite games to play) Daul booting mac osx and windows Watching youtube And I want a laptop with a nvidia gpu (because they're the best) And for the price range a laptop that costs 300$ to 600$ I'm saving up for a macbook though.... But I think I have enough money for a laptop that costs that much
  14. Alright the laptop I have was a horrible hackint0sh choice Only got it to run on vmware... Couldn't even get the setup to load when I tried to load it from the bios... I am now trying to decide if I should buy a new laptop that can run hackint0sh or should I go buy a genuine macbook Here is what I plan on doing with it Movie editing Playing retro video games Coding Surfing the web Listening to music And I also want to have a laptop that can do these tasks decently that has a good amount of battery (about 5+ hours)