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    Snow Leopard on a HP DM1 3130

    okay. i tried a -v boot, it prints a lot of "loading blablabla System/Extensions/ etc" but the thing runs so fast i can't really see what's written. and suddenly : either the screen freezes on a black empty screen, or the apple screen appears (grey background) and the screen freezes. Either way, i can't really tell what's going wrong what do you reckon ? thanks for your answer !
  2. cazyputy

    Snow Leopard on a HP DM1 3130

    Hi everyone. I've just bought a HP netbook : Pavilion DM1 3130 SF. i got Ubuntu installed on it, but i'm better used to work with MacOS X, and Mac OS software. I wondered if it was possible to run Snow Leopard on it ? Here's my config : • CPU : AMD E-350 dualcore • Chipset : AMD A50M FCH • RAM : 3 Go • HDD : SATA 500 Go • Graphic processor : AMD Radeon HD 6310 So, I've been trying to install SL with iAtkos v7 and a few kexts, the installation goes fine, but the screen freezes when the computer reboots (freeze on the grey screen with the apple, which is probably the most frustrating : for a split second, i actually thought I had succeeded ) Can you tell me if there's hope i can have a running MacOS on this PC ? And what kexts to use ? (or what distribution, i tried iAtkos because i found it first) Thanks for your help and advice !