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  1. Hi All I was playing a Internet Radio station in iTunes, and when my monitor dropped into sleep mode it stopped playing. I moved the mouse to wake the monitor and the sound comes back. Any ideas what would cause this .....???? Thanks ZZ
  2. SigmaTel 9227

    Hi All, Well got it working with Voodoohda 0.2.1, haven't tested Mic or anything just happy to have sound. I had to put it in Snow's Extensions folder, for some reason it wouldn't work in the \Extra\Extensions Folder. ZZ
  3. SigmaTel 9227

    Hi all I have an Intel DQ965GF MB, I got everything working, but the audio which is the 9227 chip. I have it working in 10.5.6 no problems. I find myself lost, on what to do, there are so many kexts out there, and I don't know which one to use I have tried some, but no go. Any help would be greatly appreciated...... ZZ
  4. DFE's BOOT-132 Resources Thread

    Hi all I have been searching but I can't find out how to edit the Grub-dfe.iso The reason I need it is the boot-132 doesn't work on my board but the grub one does and starts to load the retail dvd. But the iso is missing some kexts. So I was hoping somebody would know how to edit the grub iso. Any help would be great..... Thanxs ZZrabbit
  5. A real SB600 .kext/patch, please?

    Just one small problem with this, The ATA works great with AppleServerWorksATA , But, using the VIAATA for SB600 Sata Support, is defeating the purpose, the VIAATA only supports sata-150 not sata-300. ZZ I have looked at the code but can't figure out what to do. ....
  6. Leopard Nearly Finalized

    Leopard has been ready to go for some time now .... But , Apple has spent to much time re-writing in a effort to make it harder to be hacked. End result really F*ed things up. The Software companies are just like the Record and Movie companies ... Worried about the bottom line. $$$$$ They don't give a flying F* about the end users.. ZZ
  7. CD/DVD Burning Hangs

    Hi all I haven't had much trouble with my Hackinstosh. Until now ..... I recently upgraded my cpu to the Athlon 64 x2 5600+, before that I was using the Sempron 3000+. The problem I'm having is Burning DVDs which started with the Sempron but only happened once every couple of weeks which I could live with a coaster or two a month. What happens is Toast or any other CD/DVD Burning software will stop burning and hang, and now I can't live with with a coaster or 2 a day. I have checked the crash logs but there isn't anything there. I am using Jas 10.4.8 patched, then updated to 10.4.9 with tubgirls 10.4.9 AMD Update. Really I have tried just about all the releases out there, uphuck's Uni 1.3, Uphuck 1.4a, Tubgirls 10.4.9 AMD Final. The only thing that I have noticed in the system.log since upgrading is the mDNSResponder: mDNSPlatformRawTime: last_mach_absolute_time error every minute or so. Any thoughts or help would be great, I have tried everything that I know ..... Thanks ZZ
  8. Flightgear

    Yes thats nice .... but they is already a Mac Version called MacFlightGear Heres the Link : http://macflightgear.sourceforge.net/home/ ZZ
  9. Hi all I was in the same boat as most with Sata, it is supported but the device and vendor IDs have to be added to the info.plist of the right kext file. But to do a native install, the Extensions.mkext has to be modified with the device and vendor Ids, for the installer to see your drive. I don't know why there is not some kind of auto probe for the vendor and device IDs .... but Im not a programmer. If I can help you with making a install DVD I will. ZZ
  10. Hi all The problem is very easy to fix for blotsome anyway .... I have the same board and had the same problem. You have to change or add the vendor & device ID in the AppleVIAATA.kext in the (info.plist file) your vendor is via which is 1106 and the device is 0591. If you want to do a Native Install which nicer then doing a copy from an IDE or VMware. You have to change the Extensions.mkext on the Install DVD here is a link that will help http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=47859 with that just give it a read if you have any problems let me know. The vendor IDs aren't so bad but they change device IDs Like I change my underwear. ZZ
  11. Thank you hecker, I never even noticed that, I have some older people who come to the site and their screens are set at 800x600. I will have to fix that. Thanks again ZZ
  12. Hi All This is starting to be a pain in the a$$..... I have my own web server with NO-IP Service, When I try and go to my server in Mac using any browser, Safari, Opera, Firefox. I get redirected to freewarejava.com. But in Windows it works fine. Here is my address: h**P://bingo75.bounceme.net I have no clue what is going on, I hope somebody can figure this one out. ThanX ZZ
  13. 512 mb Cards

    My 512MB has worked out of the box since 10.4.7 with a native install not with dd copy from vmware, with no changes at all. And thats with the old Titan.kext Asus G-Force 512MB EN6600 Silent with full CI,QE & QE2. But it had to be a native install or all it had was a Vesa support. ZZ
  14. uphuck 10.4.9 on SATA! How to...?

    Hi all You know what the biggest problem is with the SATA - its that the device and vendor id's, there is so many that if they don't match any in the info.plist the kext will not load. ZZ
  15. Is Steve hurting Apple?

    But replacing Steve at Apple would be like replacing Bill at Microsoft. There is very few men that can even think in future terms like those two. We think of today or maybe a few days down the road. Those two think 5 years or even 10 years down the road. Steve is heading in the right direction with Apple, that I can see ... Hope he keeps it up. Just my two cents ..... ZZ