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  1. So how did you perform the updates? Does this work on AMD CPUs?
  2. Thanks for the advice Darken22 but I tried reinstalling 10.6.6 from a restored snapshot and got the same error. Looking at it again I wonder if the problem is that the legacy kernel didn't install correctly. The output mentions Darwin Kernel Version 10.4.0 but a 10.6.0 legacy kernel should have been installed. Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I feel like I'm so close to getting a 10.6.6 VM up and running. I managed to find a working 10.6.4 distro and upgraded from there. I used the 10.6.6 combo update and installed nawcom's legacy kernel before restarting (since I'm on AMD). After installing the update the OS fails to load with the screen shown below. I feel like I'm missing something obvious. Any help is appreciated. I'm using VMWare Workstation 7.1.4 on Windows XP (32-bit). I have an AMD Phenom II X2 with AMD-V enabled. As I said, 10.6.4 was working fine, though I don't know which kernel it was using.
  4. Hi all, I'm a total newb to all of this so forgive me if this is a dumb question. What modifications would be needed for this process to work on an AMD CPU? I have a Phenom II X2. Can I follow most of it and just install the legacy kernel somewhere in the process? I've been doing some reading and successfully got OS X up and running in VirtualBox but it was just too unstable and I couldn't get it to recognize my iPhone (I'd like to be running XCode). Any help is appreciated. Also, I enjoyed taking the quizzes. Nice idea.