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  1. Radeon HD4850?

    Hi All! I know that with Leopard 10.5.6/10.5.7 the ATI Radeon HD4850 can be made to function, but although I searched the forum, I can't seem to find if this graphics card will function with Tiger 10.4.8 and above. Can it be done? Any and all answers are appreciated. Thanks, -Stan
  2. Hell Yeah! Installed for the JaS disk without selecting anything but Fonts, X11, and SSE3 and the thing installed and I even have QE/CI supported this time. Thanks for all your help!
  3. This is interesting. I'm gonna try a fresh install with the JaS DVD and avoid selecting the display drivers. If she boots up properly I'll google for the proper ones and test them manually. I'll check back after that and let you know how it worked. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys! Let me start with my system specs and a little back story. MoBo: ASUS P5VDC-MX NorthBridge Chipset: VIA P4M800 Pro SouthBridge Chipset: VT8251 Intel Pentium D @ 2.66Ghz 1 GIG DDR RAM - PC-3200 ATI Radeon x1300 Series AGP Display Adapter (Dev. ID - 0x7142) Realtek RTL8201CL 10/100 LAN Realtek ALC 653 Audio (AC'97-6-channel) Maxtor 4D040H2 40GB - Primary IDE Master - HDD Maxtor STM200820AS 200GB - SATA HDD LG SuperMulti DL DVD/CD Burner - Primary IDE Slave LG CD R/RW Drive - Secondary IDE Master Generic Floppy Drive from an old COMPAQ PC Now, I was able to install OSx86 10.4.6 a long time ago, and it worked quite well with the proper drivers (except no QE/CI or proper sound). Now I got me a copy of the 10.4.8 install DVD listed in the title, and went through the install procedure again. This DVD gives the option to install ATI Radeon x1x00 AGP drivers, so I selected that option. BTW, I installed to the IDE HDD, not the SATA one. The installation went perfectly until it was time to reboot. After the restart, I got the usual grey screen with a darker grey apple on it, and the little spinning thing at the bottom. After this, the screen turns blue, like the color of the desktop, and stays frozen that way. Also the light on my floppy disk drive which was never even recognized in 10.4.6 stays on as if the drive is active, but there is no disk in it. Is there a step in the installation that I'm missing, or is 10.4.8 utterly incompatible with my hardware? If anybody has any ideas, I would sure appreciate hearing from you. Thanks a lot in advance. -Stan