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  1. Duque

    Lion is Officially OUT!

    {censored}, sorry ... GM = 11A511 ... Finel of today = 11511 ... never heard of RTM Build ... before GM there has been DP4 (11A480b) ... 11A494a is only an update to DP4 but not RTM or GM !!!
  2. Duque

    Lion is Officially OUT!

    no problems on my Hackintosh ... perhaps AppleServer are overloaded ... and the guide for extracting is all over the net ... it is the same like before, no change since DP4 and GM release !
  3. Duque

    Lion is Officially OUT!

    GM is 11A511 Final from today (just downloaded and installed) is 11A511
  4. Duque

    Lion GM released today

    you may install on previous DP4 HD ... settings etc. will be kept ...
  5. do not use this tool, it will slow down your Snow/Lion System ... I tested this on 128GB SSD C300 and 64GB SSD OCZ ...
  6. MBR ? Use patched OSInstall ... OSInstall.mpkg.zip
  7. no softwareupdate ... so you have to install again by using/clone the BaseSystem partition ... and copy packages etc. ... but while installing DP4, you have the choice to install/update to your old Lion Preview, keeping all your programs and settings ... works fine ... Tip: Chameleon did not work with BaseSystem for me ... I used XPC (usb stick) to install ... after install, Chameleon-Lion did boot without any issues ... and one more thing ... do not forget to copy the mach_kernel from InstallESD to your new BaseSystem ...