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  1. Just finished installing 10.6.7 on a separarte HD on my PC - Asus P5Q-E, 6GB, ATI 4850 (multiple monitors). Everything works fine if I boot with -x, including full resolution on all my monitors, but I'm missing some functionality, mainly access to my other drives and the ability to rotate the secondary display (it's up and running but can't be rotated). If I boot normally I can see my other drives and rotate the display, and I can also launch applications, but (at least) two things don't work: - If I start System Preferences I don't see anything, and I must Force Quit it (I can rotate the display using an external package, not System Preferences which I cannot access). - If I start anything that has to do with Finder - Finder itself, Documents, clicking a folder or a hard drive, using an Open dialog of an application etc. - Finder doesn't open and I get an endless spinning wheel of death on my desktop. The only way to get out of it is system reset. As far as I can tell from reading multiple posts, all BIOS settings are fine, so it must be some kext that I should either add or remove or replace. Any idea on how I can trace up this thing? Running permanently with -x is not good enough for me. (btw, I performed the installation twice so it's not bad installation).