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  1. This is weird and i need someone's help, I have 10.6.6 OSX hackintosh. The great news is my Wifi (Linksys WMP54g) works brilliant using Airport!! But the moment i reboot my PC with an extra stick of (2GB) Ram, my Airport shows "no card detected"!! Isn't that weird?? Any help would be greatly appreciated, because i need to use 2 sticks of (total 4 GB) Ram as i use my PC for audio editing. Thanks
  2. system hangs on anything related to sound...

    Did you find the solution to this yet? Apparently i have the same problem too, if there's anything you could help me with?
  3. [Guide] Acer X1700 U3700A + OS X 10.6.7

    Hi Krishna, please direct us to where we can download the "OS X Setup Files.zip" that you have specified. I have you same configuration X1700 except the video card, and am having troubles with computer freezing when playing music/sound Itunes etc. So i want to start all over again, so please show me the download area to "OS X Setup Files.zip" Thanks