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  1. Did not work for my P5W DH neither. I get stuck on the blue screen as you did. My video card is ATI x1600 Pro. Which video drivers did you chose to install ?
  2. Realtek RTL8187(L)

    Could you please refer which exact driver you are using ?
  3. Realtek RTL8187(L)

    The same with me - wireless card is recognized as EN4 and no place to configure it.
  4. Realtek RTL8187(L)

    I got reply from Realtek : Dear Sir, Thanks for your e-mail. The web site version only support Apple Mac platform. Our latest version can support intel platform and should update to web site later. If you have any questions, please let us know. Regards, Fred So, hopefully we'll get our drivers soon
  5. Realtek RTL8187(L)

    I've got the same output as you BTW - I found something on Apple Developers Forum Thy say there is a way to rebuild PPC-only driver to the universal one using XCode. Is there any PPC driver for rtl8187 ?
  6. Hi ! I managed to figure out what was the problem - screen was blank since after installing video driver ( Natit ) the video card was working in VGA mode ( not DVI ). I just connected my monitor using DVI-2-VGA and it solved the problem. I'm trying now to make my DVI work natively but no success so far. Regarding sound ALC 882 ( on-board ) - after installing HDA patch 1.15, I managed to make AC97 ( front panel ) out working but line-in or mic are not. Thanks to all the driver makers - you are doing great job, guys !!!!!!!
  7. Hi guys I tried to install Jas 10.4.8 (SSE2.SSE3.Intel.AMD). Installation goes smooth but first boot after my screen goes blank although it seems that the OS working cause HD continues to read/write. I tried to apply patch - the same. My configuration : p5w dh deluxe Intel core2 duo e6600 ATI Power Color x1600 Pro, 256 MB, DVI Crucial DDR2-2Gb @ 800 MHz ATA 40 Gb The interesting thing is that with patched version of 10.4.8 I succeded to run jas 10.4.8 on VMWare, but not on native HW. Any help would be appreciated.