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  1. iMovie 6 HD

    Thanks a lot for your responses guys, I tried what munkey said changing the build, but that didn't help at all...But I'm glad it works for others :pirate2: Garageband & iPhoto work extremely well, I don't know about iDVD though, I haven't installed it. I would go to the other forum, but it is down, and I hope it's not because of Apple........
  2. iMovie 6 HD

    Not true about the themes. Pianoman found a fix. Contact him for info in win2osx on irc.osx86project.org. It's pretty straightforward and easy, but it doesn't fix my problems. But it has fixed sportman's problems with themes and it will probably fix yours too EDIT: Oh yea, btw iPhoto works fine, and I hope Garageband does...It's almost done installing.
  3. How-To: Enable Rosetta Opening in iLife '06 Applications Written by: Plasm Many, Many Thanks: Krazubu, Takuro, sportman, & JaS This is a small tutorial on how to enable the option of "Open Using Rosetta" for iLife '06 applications. Here's how you do it. For this example, we will be using iMovie: 1. Right-click on the iMovie application. 2. Click "Show Package Contents" 3. A Finder window should show up entitled "iMovie HD", and there should be a folder called Contents. 4. Open Contents, and double click "Info.plist" 5. Scroll down a ways to the bottom, and look for: <key>LSRequiresNativeExecution</key> <true/> 6. Change <true/> to <false/>, or just delete it. 7. Save the file. 8. Then, open "Disk Utility" and repair disk permissions. 9. After permissions are repaired, go to /System/Library/ and delete Extensions.kextcache and Extensions.mkext. 10. Simply reboot, and... ...Voila! The "Open Using Rosetta" option should now be under there in "Get Info". This works for all of the other iLife '06 applications. EDIT: If deleting Extensions.kextcache and Extensions.mkext doesn't do anything, try moving the application from one directory to another. Also, what will definitely do it, is duplicating the file, however that may take a while depeneding on the speed of your computer and the side of the file.
  4. iLife 06, iWork 06

    sgi02, iMovie does the same thing and so does iWeb...I should get iPhoto and see how that goes. I figured if both of those failed, then there was no hope...But you've inspired me to keep going Specs at bottom.
  5. iMovie 6 HD

    Thanks for your response, but it didn't help. The same goes for iWeb too...This is frustrating...Anyone else out there with SSE2 and iLife '06 apps??
  6. iMovie 6 HD

    So I got iMovie HD 6 yesterday, I was very excited to have a unibin of iMovie, because that was one of my intentions for installing OSx86 in the first place. So the install goes well, I make a new project and then the trouble starts. I can import video, but I just can't click anything else!!! The volume slider won't move, I can't switch timeline views, I can't drag clips, or even play them. The different menus like themes and stuff don't do anything...All the menus are grayed out too!! And one wierd thing, if I click out of iMovie into another app like Safari, clicking on iMovie's window won't select it again. I have to go down to the Dock and click it to select it. It's a wierd situation, I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem or knows why?? My computer's specs are at the bottom. Thanks in advance!!
  7. I made a little Cocoa memo program for my friend who has a Powerbook G4 from May 2005. I maade it on my OSx86 installation, made sure the compatability was OK for 10.3, everything seems fine. I made sure to compile it as a universal binary. I've even tried just compiling it as a PowerPC binary. It just won't run! It works fine on my computer. There are no compiling errors, no problems in the interface, I just don't know why it won't run. It starts and hops twice, and then dies. Has anyone had any problems with Xcode on 10.4.3?? I downloaded it from Apple's ADC website.
  8. Spotlight problems

    haha, yea same for me...it is much slower even searching the NTFS! someone help us
  9. Spotlight problems

    I recently installed 10.4.3 with 8F1111, installed maxxuss' 8F1111A patch and I have his pre-patched kernel working very well, but I've found something that irks me that has never happened before in any of my many previous installations. Spotlight only wants to search my Windows NTFS partition!! The only way to get it to search in my OSx86 install is to search for a letter, like A, then click Show All, then click Where, and select "Hard Disk" which is what my OSx86 partition is called, but it doesn't keep that setting, and there isn't anything in Spotlight preferences that helps me out. Any help is appreciated!
  10. Stumped

    Disk utility will not format it for you, your best bet is to do it in Windows, which you can, thats how I did it. Also, which installation version is it? You can find out how to use diskpart, which is Window's built-in command line partition utility here. Good luck.
  11. Developer Kit Machine won't boot

    Well, I don't know much about the G5 case, but on most macs (or at least on the older ones) there is a tiny dot, and if you unwind a paperclip and press it, it ejects the tray. Also, I think holding down the mouse while the computer is booting will eject it, it worked on my old iMac G3. Good luck!
  12. Downloaded it, copied it to Applications folder. It doesn't crash, and I love the large selection of planes. It takes a while to load on my system, and it's unplayable (it's way way too laggy) probably because I don't have QE working, but great job!!! I'm sure it will run much better when the final release is out...And this release will probably work better on more powerful systems, look at my specs in my signature.
  13. Yea, the PPF-o-Matic method didn't work for me either, so I downloaded the prepatched mack kernel, backed up the original, and then renamed the patched one mach_kernel so I didn't have to type in a different one everytime it started up, plus com.Apple.boot.plist wouldn't let me modify it no matter what I tried.
  14. OK, here's what I did: I downloaded the 8F1111A patch, and installed it, so far no errors. However, I did not download v. 5, I downloaded 4.2b...I didn't even know there was a v5. I wonder why version 5 hasn't helped you? But did you type in the kernel stuff?? Did you download a pre-patched kernel? I'll help you out some more if you can give me some background info.
  15. Yes, it works!!! Thanks everyone for your help