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  1. Chimera to Clover (Legacy)

    I did more investigation, and in the /var/log/system.log, I see this message repeatedly. This error message indicates the Login Window is not able to start. I tried methods of deleting com.apple.loginwindow.plist preference files but no luck. I can switch right back to Chimera and it boots fine. loginwindow[243]: ERROR | -[LoginApp continueAuthPluginRequestAfterFamilyControlsCheck] | AuthorizationRef doesn't have a username. Exiting.
  2. Chimera to Clover (Legacy)

    I'm only really asking for Clover support. I tried also installing Clover directly to my backup USB hard drive (EFI Partition), with same result. I'm hoping someone with more knowledge of Clover can recommend a troubleshooting approach for me please? Thanks!
  3. Chimera to Clover (Legacy)

    Hi everyone, I have a Thinkpad T410s laptop running Yosemite 10.10.5. The hardware specs are: Intel i5-540M dual core 4GB RAM Discrete and integrated video (discrete=Nvidia NVS 3100M, integrated=Intel HD) - BIOS is configured for NVidia only! Conexant CX20585 Audio (working with Voodoo kexts) Intel ethernet (via IntelE1000e.kext) Samsung SSD Legacy BIOS (no UEFI support) I have a custom DSDT with sleep/shutdown fixes, Fn+hotkey fixes. I have power management / speedstep working great. I have reasons however to move from Chimera to Clover (BIOS legacy). To to this, I created a test USB flash drive and installed Clover to it as many websites suggest. I have followed the instructions 'Test Drive: How to Create a Clover USB' from here. I installed Clover to the USB. It created an EFI folder there. Into the CLOVER/kexts/10.10 folder, I placed about 4 kexts as recommended. I also placed the DSDT.aml in the proper folder. Now onto the Clover 'config.plist' ... I located a Thinkpad T420 config.plist from the internet. I made many tweaks to it. I tried various other configs also. I used Clover Configurator extensively to trial-error with many different settings. I inserted values for SMBIOS. I checked/unchecked many options. the problem is: When I boot from the flash drive, I get the Clover bootloader. When I attempt to boot from the internal SSD, I get the apple logo on a black screen with white progress bar. Now at this point, it progresses about to 25%, then the screen blanks and redraws all in black, this time the apple logo has disappeared, and all that shows is the same progress bar stuck at around 25%. Then after about 8 seconds, it redraws the same thing (mouse briefly appears in upper left) in a neverending loop. The desktop never appears. It's stuck in a loop with progress bar ~25%. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I have tried -v, -x, -f, nothing seems obvious. It seems like the system is mostly booting, just the desktop isn't appearing (?). I have attached two pictures of what I'm talking about. Also the 'config.plist'. I masked the serial#. Any ideas or troubleshooting methods? Thank you! config.plist.txt
  4. I installed Rhapsody PPC DR2 to my 8600

    I tried 3 scenerios: 1- boot into OS 9.1 from external SyQuest SCSI HD and launch Rhapsody installer from CD - it complained about needing to boot from original CD. 2- Copy the system folder from the install CD to internal HD, boot from HD, launch installer. Again it complained and aborted. 3- Copy the system folder from the install CD to an external SyQuest SCSI drive, boot from that, launch installer. Again it complained. I cannot fathom how you got it to work from simply booting OS 8 on a hard-drive and then double clicking the installer from the CD. Your method is the same as my #2 scenerio.
  5. I installed Rhapsody PPC DR2 to my 8600, even with the bad installer which craps out with message "Sorry, the desktop folder on the startup disk could not be created. Try unlocking the disk." My method is a little sneaky but it actually worked... if you have an extra SCSI CD-ROM drive sitting around and can connect 2 CD-ROM drives to your Mac (and you can get your hands on the Rhapsody DR1 PPC install image (and the DR2 PPC one also obviously)) then you should be able to follow this procedure ... (the Rhapsody PPC DR1/2 is available at that certain "crumbling rocks" site, contained as part of ‘Rhapsody DR1+DR2 x86+PPC’) So I had downloaded the Rhapsody DR1 PPC image and noticed that the CD boots without any errors. This gave me the idea: So what I did (in a nutshell) is this: -connected 2 CD-ROM drives (both internal) to my powermac 8600 -booted DR1 install cd, allowed to boot to the OS8 desktop -inserted DR2 install cd into other drive .. CD appears on desktop -ran DR2 installer. It prompts you to agree to terms of service etc etc, you select your hard drive etc, then it (rather quickly) reboots Mac in preparation for the installation -[quickly] eject DR1 CD, eject DR2 CD, and insert DR2 CD where DR1 CD had just been, as the Mac is restarting -upon this reboot, a special DR2 Rhapsody install window comes up immediately, the installer should then read the CD drive containing the DR2 CD, and install normally from there Special Note: In order to get the Monitor preferences to show ALL resolution choices, you MUST do this in terminal (as root I believe) To enable the capability to show all display modes, you can do the >following: > >(1) Quit Preferences >(2) Enter the following command in a Terminal window: > > defaults write Preferences NSEnableShowAllDisplayModes YES
  6. Rhapsody DR2

    Bad news... the brokenstones version of Rhapsody DR2 PPC .image has checksum 2d0c2da7d1543a538a5e40ee13f71256 and shows this error when booting from cd "Sorry, the desktop folder on the startup disk could not be created. Try unlocking the disk." It seems noone has ever successfully ripped a Rhapsody DR2 PPC install cd.
  7. Rhapsody DR2

    How quickly do Brokenstones accounts get created after the request typically? anyone?
  8. Rhapsody DR2

    jackoverfull: thanks for the info on the Rhapsody DR1+DR2 x86+PPC" on brokenstones. I do not have an account there, but maybe in a couple of weeks, I may be able to get one hopefully. armus2112
  9. Rhapsody DR2

    jackoverfull: nope, I had searched Demonoid thoroughly, it's not there... even searched 'Unseeded'. No evidence it was ever there Anyone have the Rhapsody DR2 PPC disk image? Thank you. armus2112
  10. Rhapsody DR2

    Hi everyone! So I have to ask: Has the PowerPC Rhapsody DR2 CD been copied yet (into a disk image) and made available somehow (Rapidshare / torrent / something) ??? There were several attempts, but not sure it was ever accomplished. I hope you guys are still lingering out there Thank you. armus2112
  11. XxX_OS_x86_10.4.11_Install_Disc_Intel

    Spiegel, how can you expect anyone to help? You haven't listed your hardware in detail, nor have you even listed the installer options you selected during install. And you fail to mention what the text on the screen shows. Sheesh.
  12. XxX_OS_x86_10.4.11_Install_Disc_Intel

    after using PPF-o-matic, did you verify the md5 checksum of the new .iso to make sure it matches?
  13. XxX_OS_x86_10.4.11_Install_Disc_Intel

    you're right, it was also DictionaryFix.pkg which was affected. I was able to use your PPF and create the new XxX_OS_x86_10.4.11_Install_Disc_Intel.iso. Then I was able to run the CharacterPallette.pkg and DictionaryFix.pkg package installers individually from the new iso to install those to my system which was originally installed without the latest patch. Now the 'Character Palette' option is visible in the International System Preferences (under 'Input Menu'). It wasn't there previously. So that's good.
  14. XxX_OS_x86_10.4.11_Install_Disc_Intel

    I'm running 8.10.1 kernel. Non EFI. I was able to run all OS and application updates via Software Update. I think it will break things if 10.4.12 is ever released.
  15. XxX_OS_x86_10.4.11_Install_Disc_Intel

    are these the only culprits with the case sensitive issue? /Volumes/XxX_OS_x86_10.4.11_Install_Disc_Intel/System/Installation/Packages/yukon88e8053.pkg /Volumes/XxX_OS_x86_10.4.11_Install_Disc_Intel/System/Installation/Packages/NVinjectGo009.pkg /Volumes/XxX_OS_x86_10.4.11_Install_Disc_Intel/System/Installation/Packages/sigmatel9200.pkg /Volumes/XxX_OS_x86_10.4.11_Install_Disc_Intel/System/Installation/Packages/sigmatel.pkg /Volumes/XxX_OS_x86_10.4.11_Install_Disc_Intel/System/Installation/Packages/NVinject009.pkg that what my search came up with. Just these? thanks kindly.