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  1. Broadcom 570x and 575x

    Thank you It works on my gateway ns30 (acer travel mate mb) with broad com 57760 :-)
  2. unfortunately, even if I run eldim as administrator, (property-compatibility-run as administrator-all users) I get no values from ELDIM. What do I do wrong?
  3. Hello. I am trying to install LIon on a Gateway ns 30, that has an Intel HD Graphics Card (i3, 128 MB shared RAM by BIOS). The system loads the driver but I get a screen full of thin stripes (red, yellow, black) completely useless, even if I connect to an external ASUS Display. I've tried the paragraph one method, but the ELDIM EDID Viewer, run in WIndows 7 (dual boot system) does not find any information. Just a lot of zeroes. Looks like an useless IDID. Is there anything else I can try? Of course I can get native resolution 1366x768x32, if I get rid of the kext and disable Graphics Enabler, but that is not what I want. Thank you for your help