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  1. All right hi everyone. i have been reaaly annoyed after endless searching for answers.. my problem is that i am trying to install kalyway osx 10.5.x.. i burned and verifed the disk using w7 image burner.. put it in my tower pc and the disk boots..... installation appears.. i formatt my hdd as guid one partition "apple" ... then just proceed with defalt install.. the install proceeds till 12 mins remaining... then the log shows.. idle for 10 mins idle for 20 mins.... please.... im plucking my hair out!! i will be extremely gratefull!! sysem specs : intel DG31PR Core 2 Duo 2.8 Ghz 2GB Kinston RAM Nvidia Geforce 9400 512 mb ddr2 80 GB SATA HDD Internal thanks in advance
  2. Kernel Panic iAtkos S3 Dell xt2

    Thankx domenius for replying ! well...i guess experimenting and sharing is how you play the game!! [ i just finished downloading another iatkos...will burn the lowest possible....and post back!! EDIT: ok the new image i burned on a DVD -RW (previously it was +RW) reaaal slow. the installer runs as the previous..fine...installation first gave panics..i changed few settings and the for the FIRST TIME INSTALL BAR FILLED ALMOST 40%!! but.. it shows failed to verify intel.pkg! again after 3 tries big yelow mark! what to do now?.. and thanx for helping out!
  3. Kernel Panic iAtkos S3 Dell xt2

    Hi.. yeah even i have the same problem of setup log showing error input output and intel.pkg it repeats 3 times then setup fails with the big yellow exclamation mark and asks to restart.. how did u solve this? is it a burning issue? is it a image issue? (i verified the md5 checksum) i have a DG31PR INTEL MOTHERBOARD and sata DVD RW and sata 80 GB INTERNAL HDD thank you in advance!!
  4. iATKOS S3 installation problem

    Hello! i also have the iAtkos s3 v2 dvd.. the same problem of intel.pkg input output error.. i checked the md5 checksum and its matching. .... i even burned it slowly..around 2.4x... but the setup runs from start to end very slowly and the log always shows 3 tries of the input output error then fails my system specs : intel DG31PR 2 GB Ram Kingston 80 gb sata seagate internal hdd intel core 2 duo 2.8 ghz nVidia Gefore 9400 512 mb video memory plug and play ethernet card 460 watt cooler master power supply.. ================================== i have searched for two days and found this post... any help would be greatly appriciated! thanks.. i will keep updating as i keep experimenting...