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  1. ok so i used the guide of this website to work out my busratio. its busratio=13. i used this before the installation to get rid of the restart cycle and it worked, it successfully installed. then when it restarted again after installation, i used busratio=13 and still restarts after showing the apple screen for less than a second. i tried other bus ratios but didnt work, i tried cpus1 all the way to cpus=8 still restart cycle and i tried maxmem=1024 going all the way up to 6144 (increasing 1024 each time) but still is in the restart loop thing
  2. Intel i7 busratio Guide

    im getting this same problem, i managed the install it using busratio=12 then after installation i cant get it to start. i tried all bus ratios and cpus but still loops in restart. i used hazard, not iatkos or any other 1
  3. urm how do i try out these boot flags? sorry i have no idea what they are
  4. This happened in vmware aswell. I thought something was wrong in vmware. Basically i have snow leopard on a dvd. I have partitioned my hard drive (100gb) and its primary not logical. i press f12 to start up boot menu, some darwinx86 thing comes i press enter, few seconds later the grey apple screen comes with the apple logo on it. this stays for literally half a second (doesnt really stay, its more like a flash) and then the whole thing restarts, im back to the initial load screen where i pressed f12 before, do the same thing and just when the apple screen comes it restarts again. keeps happening >.< any reason why? if u need my specs they are: Intel core i7 740Q 600gb hardrive (partition is 100gb so now its 500 for windows and 100 for soon to be mac) 6gb ram nvidia 3d graphics card - not sure of the model but it has its own dedicated 4gb memory runs sse2,3,4,5 and other higher numbers if thats even possible i dont see anything wrong with my hardware thanks