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  1. nvidia 9600M GT black internal Display

    Dude, good luck to ya, I have the Vaio AW27 and it is impossible to get internal working....trust me Ive tried everything for the past 12mths!
  2. 9600M GT

    Anyupdates on this thread? Anyone up and running on a Vaio Aw27 running a 9600M GT?
  3. Hi there, need some help, Im running 10.5.8 via VooDoo XNU 9.8 V2 and I can disable the screensaver in system pref but it still activates even when its switched off...any ideas? Ive tried to search with no luck My spec is in my sig Cheers!
  4. 9600M GT

    Theres alot of us who are stuck....1st cannot read the bios info to set Nvcap detail...2nd no matter what we try we all get to the same point...black internal screen, it would be a miracle if the 9600M would ever work
  5. NVCAP for 9600M GS/GT

    What program reads the bios in DOS? Im at the same point as you all....black screen...HDMI works full support...just want to get my internal working
  6. 650 and 680i chipset thread...

    Anyupdates on which install disc to use? been out of the loop for a while now....
  7. NVIDIA 9 Series Driver Installer v2

    Cant wait untill someone gets the 9600M GT via internal LCD up and running!...Ive tried everything...black screen of nothing!
  8. 9600M GT

    Still no luck out there, cannot get my internal LCD fired up! damm this 9600M GT!!!
  9. 9600M GT

    Anyupdates people?
  10. NVIDIA 9 Series Driver Installer v2

    Has no one got there internal LCD working via 9600m GT?...Ive googled the planet..nothing!
  11. 9600M GT

    If only I can extract the 9600m Rom...then I could get the nvcap info sorted!, Ive tried to extract on a Sony AW17, AW25, AW27...cannot read the bios info
  12. 9600M GT

    I have my 9600m GT up and running except via internal LCD which Im still working on...I used iPC 10.5.6 and selected ONLY NVDarwin 512mb for the graphic options, both my HDMI and VGA have full hw support etc...now just need to get my internal working I run a Toshiba Qosmio G50
  13. NVIDIA 9 Series Driver Installer v2

    Im having no luck getting my internal LCD to work on my 9600m GT...full support via HDMI and VGA...but nothing internal any suggestions?