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  1. Surely. I'll try to help you in PM so that we don't derail verdant's thread further with intel.
  2. Hey Verdant. After many hours, I was able to get the motherboard in working order (damn intel push pins connectors for heatsinks, lol ). I got KP's on boot from not having NullCPUPowerManagement.kext (dumb mistake on my part). Then, the bootable USB would get stuck on PCI configuration begin. But I was able to fix both of those issues. I loaded into a minimal enviroment (-v -f cpus=1 maxmem=2048 arch=x86_64 npci=0x2000) and extracted DSDT, applied patches, and went to compile it. The system then rebooted itself randomly. I figured this was just due to the fact that the DSDT was not properly configured, so I saved the extracted DSDT.dsl file, and then compiled it on windows. No errors and no warnings, so I ported that back over to the lion drive and booted up. Chameleon loaded the DSDT, and lion booted up (faster than ever, suprisingly.) Graphics were fully enabled at 1920x1080. I was so happy. However, networking was not functioning. So I downloaded lnx2mac's driver for the realtek 8111D, copied it over to the lion drive, and began to run the package. The machine rebooted immediately as it was opening the package installer. So there we are, the new board looks pretty and runs slightly cooler, but randomly reboots itself for reasons unknown to me. I attached the DSDT.aml file that I'm using. (Keep in mind, however, the computer would reboot even when a DSDT wasn't loaded) Since that did occur, it's leading me to believe it's a bios-related error on my part. Bios is set to AHCI native mode. C1E is enabled, as well as various other things I figured I would require for speedstepping. (TM2, EIST) HPET is set to 64-bit mode. ACPI is set to S3(STR). Virtualization is disabled. As far as i can tell, XD is disabled (although I don't see an option for it.) Do you think it's resetting because I'm running the RAM at 1600mhz? It's designed to run at that speed without overclocking, so I'm not sure why that would be a problem. Timings and voltages are set 100% to the manufacturers specs. Again, any help would be greatly appreciated, because this is driving me nuts (lol) DSDT.aml.zip motherboard is a gigabyte s-series GA-p45t-ES3G (P45 northbridge, ICH10 southbridge) with a Q9300 cpu [at 3.0ghz so that the RAM and the FSB are at 1:1 (1600mhz)] now with 8GB of DDR3 RAM at 9-9-9-24 1.5V. I know this is probably more geared towards one of the intel guys, but if it's an obvious thing I'm overlooking, maybe you can spot it, since you've been a genius throughout this whole process
  3. I would need to have the duet connected when rendering (since I do real-time renders). I did not see that post, but I do now. Thank you so much, I'll let you know how it goes when the board and new RAM come in.
  4. Those wouldn't need to be running at the same time usually. However, the problems have crept back in. System is no longer stable on 4 cores. Random freezes when the Duet is connected. It looks like I will have to swap to an intel board after all I really wish I could just use 1 cpu core, but whats the point of having a quad core. Plus, I need the processing power for rendering effects and such. All I want to change is the RAM and MOBO itself, will I have to reinstall lion or can I just modify my lion install (kexts and such) to work on the new board and then plug in the hard drives and boot from there? I would like to avoid reinstaling if that is possible.
  5. so I came home from work and everything was still working perfectly. I decided to open up logic to view a song I had been working on, and that's when the system froze. I think it was because I had itunes and logic open at the same time, though. Because I just rebooted and started logic up without issue. I'm hoping that this week everything will remain stable, because, honestly, I don't want to part ways with this board. I've had it for so long and put so much time into making it work.
  6. seems to be working perfectly. crazy to think that a setting of 65mv could de-stabalize a system that way. this has been long overdue, THANK YOU SO MUCH VERDANT. Seriously, I've learned so much from you. Thank you a hundred times over. I'm gonna leave my PC on with a stress test while I go to work for the next 7-8 hours, but I'm hoping all will be fine when I return. Also, to clarify for anyone else who may be having the same issues as me (doubtful), I didn't set each lane to 0, just set it to "Auto". In my case, the automatic setting puts lanes 0,2 and 3 at 0mv, and lane 1 at +65mv. (which, if i'm thinking correctly, is the data bus for cores 2 and 3.)
  7. about an hour in now, and everything is still stable. I'm almost afraid to update you, because everything is working perfectly. If it was going to crash, I feel like it would've by now (because in the past, it was always within 10 minutes)
  8. Yes, I will try without the voltages set. I know it's probably not your area of expertise, but if I did switch to an intel mobo with new ram, would I have to reinstall lion completely? Or could I just swap it out and generate a new DSDT? I'm honestly intrigued because I want DDR3 ram anyway, and I could get a new board and new ram for around $160 USD. From what I understand, the intel bridges are far more compatible than the nvidia ones. I'll let you know about the GTLREF lanes. about an hour in with GTLREF lanes set to 0. four terminal windows running yes > /dev/null two 1080p youtube videos playing simultaneously itunes, VLC, and apogee mixing software open so far, no freeze. keep your fingers crossed for me!
  9. Thank you for the fixed and patched DSDT. Unfortunately, neither fixed the issue. Also, connecting the unit with the power adapter makes no difference. I'm starting to believe that the problem lies with apogee's mixing software, so maybe once the driver is out of beta it will work with all four cores. I just really don't understand how it can work with one processing core absolutely perfectly, but not with all four. I mean, the hardware doesn't change at all. Do you think that maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have GTLREF lane voltages set? Would you suggest a USB 3.0 PCIe card? Or do you not think that would help any? I also read in another thread a long time ago that someone had random freezes with a dual core cpu and both cores active and the problem was with the onboard LAN? Do you think that could be the problem here? The LAN works 100% though as long as I don't have my interface plugged in. Everything works perfectly with 4 cores when my interface isn't plugged in. And that was my whole purpose for installing OSX, was to make music and be able to buy Apple-only hardware. If you can't think of any solution, i may just try to buy a board with an intel chipset. maybe a p45. But i will of course still donate to the nforce cause, because of all of your excellent help.
  10. yes but the interface also enables audio output which would mean that if I wanted to listen to anything through the unit, I'd have to always be in single CPU mode. Can you possibly look at my DSDT to see if you think there are any issues? I honestly feel that it's fine but I would appreciate it. I also appreciate everything you've already done to help me. You've been a huge help. Perhaps a PCIe USB 3.0 card would help? dsdt.aml.zip
  11. Verdant, I've decided to switch to a USB interface for audio. Seems slightly more stable than firewire, but i'm still getting random freezes. This baffles me, because I use USB keyboard, mouse, and flash drives without any issue at all. The apogee lion driver is still a beta. To recap, the problem with a firewire interface is that if it's connected at bootup, I get the spinning ball before the desktop loads. If connected after, it will freeze at a random time with the spinning ball. With USB interface, I can boot into lion just fine. Nothing freezes, everything is great. But at a random time, the OS will freeze with the spinning ball. This only happens when the audio interface is connected. Product is an Apogee Duet 2 USB. Now like I said, the driver is still beta. Maybe this is the problem. I'm not sure. But also, it seems that google chrome browser freezes the system randomly too. But nothing ever freezes if I boot with cpus=1.
  12. I'm probably just gonna shell out for a new audio interface. My music has been getting better so it may be time for an upgrade anyway. I'd be okay with shelling out another 45 dollars or so for another PCI-e firewire card if you can be about 80% sure that it'll work. Otherwise I'll just get a USB based unit. I was going to get the SIIG PCI-e firewire card that people usually buy to put in their real macs. It has a TI chipset. I can use the PCI-e firewire without the onboard firewire being used, right? It recognizes the Jmicron card right now and I have onboard turned off. Presonus doesn't play nice with Jmicron. I knew that all along, but I thought I purchased a TI chipset.
  13. Verdant, thank you. I've been able to enable vanilla speedstepping thanks to your guide. I've purchased a PCI-e firewire card and I've installed it When onboard IEEE 1394 controller is disabled in bios, i get these messages from the console:" FireWire (OHCI) VendorID 197b ID 2380 PCI now active, GUID 001b8c000001006d; max speed s400. SPFWR ERROR: FireWire bus may be unstable. Other FireWire devices may be present. 2011-08-19 15:43:38.502 system_profiler[214:9303] SPFWR ERROR: FireWire bus may be unstable. Other FireWire devices may be present. FireWire (OHCI) VendorID 197b ID 2380 PCI: no valid selfIDs for more than 3 minutes after bus reset. The device (Presonus Firebox) does not get recognized by the firewire kexts and therefore cannot be used. When I enable the onboard IEEE 1394 controller, both the onboard bus and the PCI-e bus are recognized. When I plug the firebox in, it gets recognized and loaded, but the entire OS freezes shortly after (just like how snow leopard did with all four cpu cores enabled). I'm currently on windows 7 and trying to update the firmware on the firebox to see if that will help, but i'm pessimistic. I've come so far thanks to you. I'm so close to having a fully functional and stable Lion system. Any ideas on how I could fix this? edit: interestingly enough, even in windows, when onboard IEEE 1394 controller is disabled, windows cannot detect the firebox either. hmmm... i'm starting to think it's just the firebox itself. the thing exploded once (not even joking, it caught on fire) so i sent it in to be repaired, and now it's broken again. there's probably a reason why it was discontinued. i also just found out that vendor 197b refers to JMicron. So I guess they sent me the wrong firewire card. However, it is detected in Lion so it should work, right?
  14. Ok thank you. I have a new problem now. It has to do with flash player. Originally, flash player worked 100% fine with hardware acceleration enabled in settings. Video was smooth and displayed properly. Now, flash doesn't work at all if hardware acceleration is turned on. It literally creates a hole in the browser to the desktop where the video is supposed to display. If I turn hardware acceleration off for flash, I can view the videos, but they're extremely choppy (since it's not using my GFX card). Also, with hardware acceleration enabled in flash, when safari loads (and loads the default apple website that is heavy on flash), it will turn my primary monitor entirely black with a white cursor at the top, and it seems to log me out and log me back in all in a matter of 2 or 3 seconds. (I believe it's logging me out because it reopens windows that I had open last time I restarted the computer) I tried uninstalling/reinstalling, repaired permissions, used a flash uninstaller dmg, installed flash 11 beta, restarted thousands of times..etc Any ideas? There is literally no more back information I can give you. This just randomly started happening. It happens in safari, firefox, and even chrome (w/ it's native flash player)
  15. Thanks a lot. I'll go ahead and buy that one then I guess. Last question, is there any hope of sleep ever working? My PC gets extremely hot cause it's overclocked and sleep would be an amazing feature to have.