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  1. No, my arguments border on sanity. Allowing all your fair use rights to evaporte is what's wrong. Just because Apple may (or may not) be so kind, doesn't mean another company will. Now this IS a really really far out argument. Licensed content, and disposable printer do not equal the same thing. If I need to explain this to you, then… wow... never mind.
  2. 10.4.2 Hack

    It is very likely that Apple will use a different protection scheme with the final release anyway.
  3. How did it "fail miserably"?? Protection doesn't stop anyone, it only harasses those that honestly pay, and turn them into criminals when they use the media in they way they used to be allowed. Those that want to pirate, will pirate, DRM or not, DCMA or not, copy protection or not. If you produce good music, people buy it. Product good movies, people pay to watch. So if you product {censored}, you're supposed to DRM it to death? I get the distinct feeling some of you don't know what life was like before the DCMA... back when you could speak freely about how to circumvent copy protection... before backup copies were illegal.
  4. Unfortunately, this may not always be the case. You are forced to put all your trust in a single company. In the case of getting your car keys, you can go to the dealer, or any locksmith to get keys made - legally. However, because of the DMCA, you cannot go to a third party to get new keys for the music you licensed. You are now at the mercy of a single company, since the simple act cracking the DRM is illegal. Never mind that you already paid for it. What if Apple dumps ITunes? What if ITunes is bought up by a record label? What if ... ?? DRM for anything other than broadcast or rental is just not the way to do things. In a very short period of time we've thrown all our fair use rights out the window, and far too many people, like yourself, seem perfectly complacent about it. Troubling, to say the least. I know nothing of a two month review... you tell me. Oh my! what a loop hole!? Before the DMCA and before CDs were copy protected, I could legally put a copy of it in my cars, in my living room, on my PC, make a mix CD, etc. etc... and when my dog ate all of those, I could do it again and again... without having to call ANYONE to ask for reauthorization... but now I need to find a "loop hole"?! Forgive me for not jumping for joy.
  5. Jobs is a Buddhist. He doesn’t believe in hell, or the catholic church for that matter. Steve Jobs really believes in one thing: Money. It’s why he sold blue boxes, and probably why he’s trying to make OSX86 difficult to run on non-apple PCs.
  6. For those that missed this one: http://bart.gamingw.net/junk/awesome/riaa.jpg
  7. As I said, NVIDIA provides the drivers to Apple. In NVIDIA’s case, they provide reference drivers (w/ source) to Apple, that apple pretties up and distributes to its users... NVIDIA has still done the vast majority of core driver development. Intel drivers are obviously in OSX for x86. For VIA, just as an example, look at the list of supported OSs here: http://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx?PageI...00&SubCatID=130
  8. Generally, most drivers aren’t developed by Apple. NVIDIA, Ati, Intel, Via, etc., all develop and distribute drivers to Apple and/or MacOS users. Edit: Just as Apple licensed HP to sell HP/Apple branded IPods, we may see the same for Macs... But this would be HP reselling Apple >hardware<, not just the OS.
  9. If you purchase a car then lose your keys, should you be forced to get a new car, or just the keys? Now take that a step farther: If you lock the keys in your car, should it be illegal to break into your own car to retrieve your keys? If your car was music and the lock was copy protection, under the DMCA you would be considered a criminal for doing just that.
  10. Yes, but then any of the newer applications compiled with SSE2/3 support (probably a great majority of them, since it'll be a given on OSX86, unlike Windows) wont work. Also, just as the move to the new 10.4.2 build breaks compatibility with the older builds, you can bet the compatibility of even older build are much worse. You may as well be running OS9. Although it's fun to entertain the idea of how to do it, I think upgrading to a new CPU/MB is probably the best path. Most SSE only system are starting to show their age now anyway. A lower end Celeron D or Sempron with SSE3 will usually come close to or beat the highest end SSE only CPU (Barton 3200+?) in most things - and you can easily find a MB and CPU combo that'll let you re-use video, ram, etc.
  11. When Does OSX86 10.4.1 expire

    Not the end, just a hiatus until OSX for Intel is released to the public in June on retail Macs.
  12. qvm86 development seems to have stagnated, and isn't up to the speed or compatibility of Fabrice's. Processing the instructions before "sending" to them to the accelerator may be more complicated and performance hindering than you think. EDIT: Unfortunately, what this says is that qvm86, and likely Fabrice's accelerator, will not benefit here since there is no actual code modification. "run the guest code unmodified" is the key. To scrub for SSE2 instructions at run time will not be an easy task, without sacrificing a great deal of speed, and will likely eliminate the possibility of using qvm86.
  13. Arstechnica is the only site I found that shows the "If they want to raise the prices, it means that they are getting greedy" and "theft is bad" quotes in the same context. In fact, if you read the source link they provide (try it a few times if it says the article in unavailable), it doesn’t show the "theft is bad/burn in hell" quotes at all. It would be nice to have the complete context of both quotes in a full transcript, but that seems unavailable.
  14. The negative impact, if any, of piracy varies from company to company and product to product, and, as you've pointed out, Trojan to Trojan. However, referring to casual piracy as "theft" or "stealing" is incorrect. In these cases it is "copyright infringement". That doesn't make piracy any more or less wrong, but it does call it what it is. There are arguments on both sides of the fence. Windows wouldn't be where it is today if it hadn’t spread like wildfire via piracy in it's earlier days... however now that that they've reached market saturation, they see piracy as a horrid thing. Bands like "Metalica" (I use them as an example since they are so opposed to P2P networks) wouldn't have gained the popularity they enjoyed had it not been for bootlegs of their music. On the flip side of that, if windows hadn't been so freely distributed in the start, other operating systems may have had a chance - especially in developing markets, like China.
  15. But, from Apples point of view, every copy of OSX86 sold without a Mac could be a potential lost hardware sale. In this case, making OSX terribly inconvenient to pirate should be enough of a deterrent for the average user. Microsft being in a Monopoly position probably couldn't get away with restricting the distribution of its OS in that kind of way. However, by the time anything like that could arise, projects such as Darwine would likely be in full swing. Eventually those Dells will be obsolete. To sell even 10,000,000 copies of just OSX86 today would mean the potential loss of far greater profit in future hardware sales. Apple isn't in this for a quick buck. They want to get back to the domination they enjoyed in the 80's, and that's slightly longer road. What we may see is Apple licensing hardware to OEMs like Dell for resale, much like they've done with the iPod. Don't get me wrong. I'd like OSX for my PC just like everyone else, but I still highly doubt it will happen in the near future.