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    T61 Mountain Lion

    I don't use /Extra for kexts. At the moment i'm using VoodooHDA, seems to work, but the mute key on my keyboard doesnt work. ( Not a big problem, only wanted to mention). Very important would be the trackpoint :-( . Isn't there another user out there that uses a Thinkpad T61 with ML 10.8 & working trackpointsolution?
  2. csyst

    T61 Mountain Lion

    Yesterday I installed Mountain Lion on my T61. There is something that confuses me. When i Boot with my install USB and select my hdd my System Boots and i can use my touchpad, keyboard and trackpoint. When i Boot with chimera on my hdd i can use my touchpad ,Keyboard , but Not the trackpoint. Why? Do i use the wrong kexts? Also my Sound doesnt work. Can i use Applehda or do i have to choose Voodoo ? The nvs 140m Works Fine with the patched tscsync ( thanks to lonelytv, Protocol X & others)
  3. Does that mean the NVS 140m ( Lenovo ) works with ML? What about QE/ CI ?
  4. I made it .. thanks to akbarmoradi . I have a dv6 1211sg (CPU: Intel T4200 Graphicscard: ATi HD 4650 Mobility) and made it the following way: I installed iatkos. I added the kenel flag cpus=1 . Deleted ATIRadeonX2000.kext because it caused kernel panics. Then updated till 10.6.7. Then used akbarmoradi's dv6-1125 kexts as you can see in the first post and used the ATY_init kext. Then rebuild my cache and added the flag arch=X86_64 .. that was the problem . So my com.apple.boot.plist only hast cpus=1 and arch=X86_64. GraphicsEnabler hast to be No, but that was the default in my case. Hope other users will get their card to work, too .
  5. I have two little problems. I used your kexts (the ones in the dv6 folder and the ATY) and my laptop (dv6-1211sg) boots. But it only shows anything if I use GraphicsEnabler=Yes. But then it seems like i have a wrong colorprofil (see screenshot) .. to me it looks like 256 colors . http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/9/img04472.jpg/ At first I thought my graphicscard was defekt - but if i click long on finder and the shadow comes (the screen gets a bit darker) everything looks fine. But if i click then in the Desktop the shadow is gone and it again looks like the screenshot in the link. Thanks for help.
  6. "ATY,bin_image", Buffer () { //Paste Your converted Bin here!! }, "device_type", Buffer (0x12) { "ATY,MotmotParent" }, "model", Buffer (0x1A) { "ATI Radeon HD 4870 Series" }, "name", Buffer (0x12) { "ATY,MotmotParent" } }, Local0) DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Return (Local0) } } } This is in the PEF0 Device => i think you have to paste it there
  7. I tried many different kexts and I thought that perhaps something absolutely unexeptable is not working. => I reinstalled 10.6.3. => updatet to 10.6.6 and then used this DSDT I made => everything works. Full resolution and the other things are running too (i hope). This DSDT is for a Asrock a330gc with the Atom kernel (use the search). HT is enabled. Have fun dsdt.aml.zip
  8. Could you send me your DSDT and the modified kexts? What version are you running? 10.6.6 ? I have a similar laptop (dv6 1211sg) with the same videocard.
  9. Hello there, I installed Mac with iAtkos S3 v2 and patched till 10.6.6. My system: Asrock a330gc Mainboard, 4gb ram. The graphicscard (gma950) is onboard and the CPU (Atom 330), too. => i choose the Atom kernel. Everything works, but one problem: I read different tutorials how to patch the DSDT => i did it and it seemed to work after many hours . The problem: My monitor was detected as a secondary monitor, but i have only one vga output. I made it to catch the Monitorsettings-windows of the virtual primary monitor and thought i could just mirror them. But after I did i could only see stripes (seems like the resolution is too high for my old 17"). Could someone say me if there is any Configuration-file that I can edit to try other methods again? (At the moment I can see nothing because of the stripes) Edit: Now the Display is grey -.- . Thanks for help