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  1. This is really confusing. I've been narrowing down how to get OS X to be running fully on my Acer Aspire AX3200. I can get the MoBo proper using New ICHX. I have my ethernet down with NVethernet. I'm fairly certain that the sound will work with ALC883 spdid and Soundflower installed. And it boots fine, with all of these. But as soon as I install a graphics driver, it hangs here (/usr/sbin/ocspd[##]: starting). I can even get NVDarwin to recognize my GeForce 8200 256mb. But for some reason, it hangs here! Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this error, and how to get past it?
  2. iPC 10.5.6 AMD

    I have an Aspire AX3200. Maybe with your help I can get this installed! Thank you sir. I have a copy of iPC right now. Let's give this a go.
  3. So I recently came into possession of a Acer Aspire X3200. While I had to supply all the components myself, once I nabbed an old microsoft keyboard, a cheap Dell 17" Moniter, some old power cables and refitted an old iPod speaker system with an auxiliary cable, I had a very nice, albeit frankestein-ish, desktop on my hand. The problem is, it runs Windows Vista. I've been spoiled by my MacBook/Acer Aspire One; I really would like to have OS X up and running. Problem is, I've never attempted OSx86 on a desktop before. And so I humbly ask you, forum goers, for assistance. Can it be done? Processor: AMD Phenom X3 8450 2.1Ghz Chipset: nVidia Geforce 8200 Graphics: nVidia GeForce 8200 (256MB Vid Memory) Memory: 4GB DDR2 SDRAM HDD: Serial ATA 500GB @ 7200RPM Audio: RealTek High Definition Audio I've tried searching around, but I couldn't find any definitive results. I could be wrong, the answers could've been right there; perhaps I just suck. If that's the case, my apologies! Also, apologies if I have posted this in the wrong section. Yet, tell me, comrades-- can it be done?!
  4. Hi; It's been a little while since I've tried making a hackintosh, since I bought myself a MacBook and have been using it since but now I have an AA1, and am very pleased with it, and this tutorial/discussion. I'm gathering everything together, but I need some clarification: is sleep possible on the VooDoo beta 2 kernel? And if there is no chance of sleep whatsoever, has anyone enabled/tested putting the AA1 under 'deep sleep' in OS X? Just an idea, for those of us like myself who need to be able to move quickly with their OS X enabled AA1: Under OS X, install InsomniaX (prevents the computer from going to sleep under OS X) Now, download the hibernation dashboard widget Ensure the widget is set to Deep Sleep, not safe or regular. I have no way of testing this until my external CD bay arrives and I can actually install OS X, but if anyone would like to try it, I would definitely appreciate it! Also, pertaining to USB problems: would a USB WiFi adapter get the job done, rather than actually swapping in a new card? Many thanks.
  5. Newest Cider version from Gametap

    I'm having the same difficulty. Things seem to be fine, yet I get a message "CD-ROM Drive Not Found, Unable to find a CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive on this computer." when I attempt to run Oblivion.app. I'm using Oblivion 1.1.511 with a No-CD crack, tested to work fine under Windows. Should I update to 1.2? Thank you.
  6. Hi all-- I've had OS X installed for a couple weeks now, I love it, it's not fully usable, but it's great for doing work on. I also love the darwin bootloader. I have timeout and quiet boot disabled in the boot .plist so I go straight to picking my drive, but I was wondering if there is any way to set it so after the timeout it would go straight to booting my partition with windows XP instead of OS X? Any suggestions?
  7. Is there any way to have the darwin bootloader where you choose the hard drive to load off of come up automatically? No timeout, no button presses?
  8. Odd...speed issues

    I have identified the source of the problem. It only acts so horrendously delayed when it is booting from the battery--when booting while plugged in, it boots like a charm. Any suggestions? Maybe direct me to a tutorial?
  9. Odd...speed issues

    Hello all, My OSx86 was running perfectly full speed before, and now it's quite sluggish. I was messing with some PS/2 drivers to try and get my built in keyboard to work...and now it's like this. Is there any way to restore everything to default without reinstalling the whole shebang? Thank you.
  10. Help with sound channels. Please!

    Thank you, a confirmation was just what I was looking for! Okay...I can live with no sound...but is there a ver. that does support my mobo? Like...does 10.4.6? Or another? If not, that's cool, I am just wondering. Thank you for the replies!
  11. Help with sound channels. Please!

    I'm using 10.4.5. Mobo is:
  12. Help with sound channels. Please!

    24 hour bump...I know someone has the answer, but I will be patient!
  13. Ah! Now it is running perfectly, thank you so much! Now, the only thing left before I have a perfect Hackintosh is this damn Audio...GOD somebody help me.
  14. On my laptop, I have SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio sound card. OSx86 can recognize it--but I cannot choose anything more than 2-16 bit channels. To get it to properly work, I must change it to 6-16 bit channels. I know my card can do that, since It can do that under windows. but it won't do it on Audio MIDI !! Do I need to edit something in the .kext? I heard something about a Device ID or something...please someone help.
  15. Hi I have a SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio card, I did your steps and installed the AppleAC97Audio.kext, and no can move the slider at the top of the screen, yet when I open up Audio MIDI Setup, I get a "Output is not supported" text across the Audio Output side. Please help me!