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  1. Solving USB problems; USB devices do not mount

    Not at all - I probably screwed up somewhere. Like I said, I tried to follow the manual directions at the beginning of this thread. Two things I did differently - 1) I used disk utility to fix the permissions instead of the chmod/chown thing. Not sure if this affected things, but you may want to add the code for the chmod/chown thing so people won't search all over for that after finally finding your fix... or be lazy like me if that's what screwed this up. 2) Not sure if there is a difference between -f and -F during the reboot, the help file for the boot options indicated -F. I think I was impatient with the system and rebooted about 10 min into the initial reboot. This is what may have ultimately been my downfall and messed up my system. I ended up reinstalling everything and then used your patch installer - worked excellently! I now have firewire and USB. Everything works off that bus (target mode for my ibook, iPod, flash drives) except my blackberry - it says something about the current being insufficient for charging check drivers etc, then won't mount either - worked on this machine when it was XP, so it must be some quirk with blackberry/mac. I'm not going to worry about it - probably get a usb bluetooth adapter and sync up that way. Sorry this is so long - I just wanted to thank you guys for your excellent work and clarify that it was my idiocy and not your solutions that caused my issues. Thanks again for your help! Matt PS @Mysticus C* - Your avatar made me poke my screen. Evil. hehehe
  2. Solving USB problems; USB devices do not mount

    Thanks for your response - I've been using this flawlessly for about 1.5 months, ti my main machine, been playing WOW fully maxed, etc so its not like the system wasn't stressed....... until I attempted the USB fix today. Also, I tested for the pcgenusb2 before applying the patch (as per directions) and it wasn't there. One thing that occured to me is that since I have a 8800GT, do I require the 9.2.2 kext?
  3. Solving USB problems; USB devices do not mount

    an addendum to my previous post - when I boot with -x -v the system hangs with the last line being "login window started security agent"before that, errors include "ALF ALERT: sockwall_cntl_updaterules ctl_enqueuedata rts err 55" "display: family specific matching fails" and "localhost dumppanic: error getting a reference to IODeviceTree:/options" thanks in advance for any help. can I slave the drive to another mac and move the files back out of the trash?
  4. Solving USB problems; USB devices do not mount

    Hi - I followed the manual directions stickied at the beginning of this thread. The only thing I did differently was to use the disk utility to change permissions instead of the chown/chmod thing. However now I get a panic when starting. I did boot using -v-f. It stops at some error finder.app blah blah. Booting with -v -F gets me a panic. Booting with -x seems to just give me the rotating circle startup thing for ever. Booting normally gets me the 7 language restart thing. Any clue what I did wrong and any clue how to go back? I did have the 9.2.2 / 9.2.0 kernal mismatch as mentioned which is why I applied the fix. Thanks! Matt
  5. how to uninstall

    Dude, you rock! Thnk you so much!!
  6. how to uninstall

    Hi guys - please help. I installed the Natit universal package, but when it rebooted I can't see anything. How and from where can I uninstall this package now that I can't get into OSX?
  7. graphics problem

    Latest progress: From the start, I've used the JAS.10.4.8.SSE3.Intel.Only.iso Added ppf1 and ppf2 patches. Got the error (You must restart your PC in 5 languages) Removed the ppf2 patch - same error. Installed orig image: JAS.10.4.8.SSE3.Intel.Only.iso, got through to the pixellated image then loss of video signal Installed orig image, but removed the ICH8 SATA drivers (don't think I have that), got through to pixellated image but no loss of video signal (I still can't make anything out, but my monitor isn't switching to "no input" I've experimented with forcing single core mode from the BIOS to no apparent change in behavior. It is currently set in single core mode.
  8. graphics problem

    I tried, but could only get "You must restart your system" in like 5 languages (nice graphic effects though). I got that with both the vp1 update and the vp2addon update
  9. graphics problem

    Hi - I installed the JAS 10.4.8 dvd image with the options for my hardware set up. When I boot, it gets to the blue screen/beachball then some crazy mixed up color blocks, then the video goes dead. When I boot with the -x option, I get the same type of mixed up screen, with a few almost recognizable images showing through. When I boot with the -v -f options, I get something like "video family not found" Hardware: Intel 920 2.8Ghz Pentium D Intel 945p MB 1 GB RAM Radeon x1600 Pro 256MB PCI express video [edit] I've seen a lot of solutions involving editing hex and kedit files. Forgive my noobniss/uncertaintity with HFS vs NTFS/FAT, but I'm installing this as the single native operating system on SATA HDD. Since I can't see anything after boot, would any of the following work to try out some of these solutions?: Hirens, UBCD, disc commander.... or if you know of a live CD that'll fit the bill, please let me know. Thanks! [edit2] I just completed a re-install. Now, even without the -x option at boot, it maintains the the crazy pixellated screen without losing video signal. Any clues? I'm using the vga output - should I be using a vga converter on the DVI port? Full system specs: D945P Motherboard Intel Pentium D Processor 920 2.8 GHz Dual Core 1GB PC4200 533MHz DDR2 Memory (512MB x 2) 80GB 7200RPM 3G SATA II Hard Drive Radeon X1600 Pro 256MB PCI-Express (1DVI / 1VGA) 16X Dual Layer DVD+/-R/RW Drive 9-in-1 USB Card Reader Sigmatel 9220/9221 Integrated Audio Intel LAN