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  1. iPhone for christmas (help)

    Dam, Thanks guys. I guess Ill try to convince my mom to get me an AT&T plan
  2. Been searching around google and stuff havn't found much help. If I had my parents buy me an iPhone as one of my christmas presents, Would I be able to crack it so I can have Verizon as my service. Or are the newer iphones not able to be cracked to be able to use whatever service u want? - Hondo
  3. na its called desktunes http://stevestreza.com/blog/?p=189
  4. Can anyone host the default finder icon. For some reason mine never goes back to it. I hate the one I have now.
  5. lol, I feel bad asking but if you get a chance to make 1440x900
  6. Yup works like a charm .
  7. New iMacs Introduced

    Im pretty angry these came out seeing how I have only had my iMac for 4 months or so =(((. These look so sick.
  8. Cant install safari

    Well, I removed safari awhile ago thought it was a waste of space and just wanted to use firefox. But I wanted a change back to safari so i go to install it and I get this everything =( help.
  9. how old r ya?

    14 also
  10. What is in your Dock?

    Finder,Dashboard,iTunes,Frostwire,Firefox,iChat,VLC Player,Cyberduck,Crossover,Photoshop,Dreamweaver
  11. Its beautiful, requesting a 1440x900 though .
  12. Most addictive Mac games

    Counter-Strike-Source (Runs on crossover "like a beast") Garys-mod (Runs on crossover)