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  1. AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB fixed (SL 10.6.8)

    Same problem for me!!
  2. [SOLVED] Resolution Hack for 1st Gen Intel HD Graphics

    Unfortunately main issue are slow capacity of the card(slow mission control,very slow animation),probably it is related to QE (?) D:.Hope for this final stage
  3. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    the graphics card is still bugged.i'll wait QE before delete dualboot.Anyway thank you for this guide you helped me with my IntelHD+Nvidia 540m(yes,i have optimus )
  4. Intel HD Graphics (0x00468086) QE/CI on Lenovo X201

    Any news?Today i've installed 10.8.2 and finally got my Nvidia 540m fully functional but the first video card is intel :/ any metod to switch from intel to nvidia? P.S When i install nvidia kext os x stop with a kernel panic before access to desktop.
  5. Ok i've tried RemC module and finally WORK!!! any chance for QE/CI on Lion/ML???
  6. So with this module i'm able to get full resolution without modify resolution.c,make etc..?
  7. Is there any other metod to compile Chameleon without xCode? I'm on 10.7.2 and download xCode and ML takes loooooong times D: An alternative?
  8. Question about Nvidia GT540M

    Unfortunately i have a insyde bios and only IntelHD is connected to internal lcd,is there another way like dsdt edit?
  9. [FIXED] Intel GMA HD 5700MHD

  10. Question about Nvidia GT540M

    Hi everyone! My Nvidia 540m is fully recognized by OSX but Intel is recognized at primary monitor...is there any way to set nvidia at primary card? thanx..
  11. [FIXED] Intel GMA HD 5700MHD

    ok..good luck!
  12. [FIXED] Intel GMA HD 5700MHD

    I'm testing kext.. Ok without modified info.plist,kext boot in 1024x768,now im modifying info.plist.. - Don't work,only 1024x768 with right replication...D:
  13. [FIXED] Intel GMA HD 5700MHD

    i couldn't take screenshot because i cannot see anithing the screen is full of line
  14. [FIXED] Intel GMA HD 5700MHD

    small update : if i install intelhdgraphisFB and reboot i get the screen divided in 4 distorted part
  15. [FIXED] Intel GMA HD 5700MHD

    G62 can you post your modified kext that can show 1280x800 reso?Thanx @Duncan Leo - Unfortunately i don't know C.we hope that G62 can do something