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    Help on P5LD2-VM that used to work

    No, I only have one hard drive in the system at a time.
  2. Hi, I have a P5LD2-VM that was working with 10.4.6 fine. I recently had to install Windows XP so I removed the OS X drive and put XP on a totally new drive, but had difficulty and reset the BIOS at some point. Now I can't get either the drive with the formerly working 10.4.6 to boot, nor can I get a new install to boot (I can boot with the 10.4.6 JaS DVD and install, but the installed hard drive won't boot). At the point where the screen resolution changes from 80x25 text to the much smaller text, the video goes black and the thing reboots. I can get 10.4.3 installed and booted without any changes. Can someone go over their BIOS settings with me to help me figure out what's up here? Thanks much.