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  1. I think I'll use the Kext Wizard. And no, I don't have NVinject in my DVD. Have you got a link to download NVinject kext?
  2. But I don't have NVinject anywhere. I need a link to download it and instructions to install it.
  3. Well, I've installed iPC without drivers (just the PS/2 ones). But I need them, as everyone. Help?
  4. Hi. My laptop has a Nvidia GeForce 9200M GE, and Im looking for drivers. I found one, the NVinject, but I don't know where I can download it, and how do I install it. Can someone help me, or give me another driver? I use iPC. Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.6
  5. Hi. I need drivers for: Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce 9200M GE 256Mb. I tried NVDarwin 256 Mb, but it didn't work. Ethernet and Wireless Conections and laptop default utilities (battery, etc.) Where can I get this?
  6. I've re-installed Mac OS with the PS/2 drivers, and it worked! Thank you very much!
  7. I've downloaded and installed iPC 10.5.6, but with a Universal Kernel, because I don't find it in the options. Do iPC 10.5.6 has Vanilla kernel by default?
  8. Teclado Não Funciona

    Re-instalo e uso os drivers PS2? Ou há outra maneira?
  9. Teclado Não Funciona

    Eu instalei o Mac OS X 10.5.6 num Compaq Presario CQ60-200EP, com o iPC. As especificações são: CPU: Intel Dual-Core T3400 2.10 GHz; RAM: 3Gb DDR2 667 Mhz Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce 9200M GE 256Mb. Hard Drive: 250 Gb Display: 15,6" Motherboard: Mainfacturer: Hewlett-Packard Model: 3617 Chipset: Intel PM45 Southbridge: 82801IM (ICH9-M) LUPCIO: NS Eu não instalei nenhum outro driver (só o pack de linguagem para PT-PT e o kernel universal). Quando o computador reiniciou, aquilo abriu o Mac OS, mas apareceu uma janela que dizia que não reconhecia o teclado (é um laptop). Eu liguei um mouse (sim, um mouse) USB Wireless, e a janela mudou, e passou a dizer parra primir a tecla ao lado do Shift do lado esquerdo (em Portugal, é "<") Ora, eu premi a tecla, mas aquilo ficou a "identificar" durante meia-hora, pelo que eu desliguei o computador. Alguém sabe como é que posso corrigir isto?
  10. Ok, so I'll try to reinstall the Mac OS, without the video drivers. It worked!...However, the keyboard is the new problem. :'( There's a windows saying that I've no keyboard. And, I've pluged a wireless Mouse (yes...and from Microsoft), and the window chaged to another that says that the OS needs to recognize the keyboard. It asked me to press the key besides left side shift (in my case, is: <) Then, it got a text in the bottom of the window with that pinhweel, saying "Recognizing the keyboard", but that thing was spining for 15min, so I turned of the laptop and go to windows. (Sorry if I have grammar errors)
  11. Mac Drive didn't work. Can you choose the command I have to use and teach me how to open a terminal with teh boot cd? (I know its boring, but i'm a really noob in this parts. I only know how to work with the Linux terminal)
  12. Can I install NVinject with that MacDrive? (That resembles McDonalds McDrive...)
  13. Whats the simpliest way? I'm a complete noob in commands, so, If the easiest way is with a terminal, can you tell me the commands?
  14. The Safe Mode didn't work. Was all the same. How can I install NVinject 0.2.0? Just to try.
  15. Uh, EasyBCD is not a good option? Well, I'll try that. The Safe Mode is similar to the Window's, it is? Disables all drivers, etc?