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  1. Acer Aspire One:OSX 10.6.8 and XP: HOW?

    I can only tell you ,you cannot instal windows xp and max os .You coud instal windows 7 no problem.I my self itstall mac os 1 and then try to install xp and it give me a blue screen error.In bios the parttion scheme( i think that was its name) was set to ahci insted of native ide (ore somthing like that) i cant remember.But the point is windows xp is a older version and thos not support the parttion scheme that mac os x uses, but windows 7 thoes.You can try serching the net for a windows xp with integreated sata drivers ore somthing like this.Just check in the bios whot partition sheme are you ussing.
  2. Mine is travelmate 5740g do you think it will work on mine
  3. Will it run ?

    Okey i have the same laptop Travelmate 5740g but mine is with i5 so i try to instal lion it runt normalny i start it with no comands , but the keyboard and mouse wont work i have to use external usb divice . For the ati card check out this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3CFvM5qIGE in the discription there is a link for the ati video card driver try it , i havent try it yep .I wont to run the keyboard and the trackpad.Can you share link of wich kext you run to make the keyboard/mouse work ? Thank you