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    SCURRY bad quality sound

    I am using a laptopt its not cutom buildt or anything fo rmac using IDENEB Iatkos ... i get sometimes to install correctly and come into osx and ones i even had internet conenction BUT THE MOST PROBLEMATIC thign is how do i get a clean sound? I EVEN did not install audio and tried installing my fastrack audio hardware which is also mac compatible and i get scurry sound even then if there is a solution i would love to hear it! and can you tell me what things are improtant to avoid kernel panic? and what things help booting. because i only got this to bootinto os ones.. but then i had kernel panic when choosing audio settings. with iatkos i tried and tried but i cant install so i get into os anymore.. with ideneb i have no network nor any sound that works properly i am new to all this so i am asking also where i can get the osx drivers (kext) or what you call so i can isntall and test different drivers. THX. ( is htere no hope to get propper audio on hackintosh?)