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  1. just connect any usb keyboard and/or mouse; happened to me too (trackpack and keyboard were working already too)
  2. how did you do with the intel hd graphics? i have a nvidia gt520m and the intel 3000hd and can't get the intel one to work
  3. thanks! gonna check if it works for me
  4. hey everyone, i've got it allright, every sound port works, but ONLY if i boot the system with the -f and -s flag, otherwise i don't get any sound port, anyone knows how to solve this? thanks
  5. Chameleon with SMBIOS patching

    you're right, with that command all my processor's characteristics are shown without problems, thanks!
  6. Chameleon with SMBIOS patching

    thanks, now it reads fine my cpu speed, but it still says unknown and in system profiler i don't get any cpu instructions (such as em64t, sse3, etc)
  7. Chameleon with SMBIOS patching

    what should i put in smexternalclock and maximalclock if i have a e8200 (1333mhz fbs, 2,66ghz, 6mb l2)? this is one of the new 45nm core 2 duo
  8. How to fix Model Identifier ans Serial

    i'm looking forward the same
  9. GeForce 9600 GT

    Hi everyone, can someone help me please? i've tried many times to get this video card working, but there is no way i can get QE/CI with a retail install and using macloader, how can you do it properly using macloader ?
  10. installed with a p4 sse2, it works great, i just have one problem, my computer doesn't shutdown or reboot, it just stays in a light blue background, any solution? I searched but didn't find any solution hw: p4 2,26 ghz. 1gb ddr ram intel old integrated vga (845gv series) hard drive 80gb ide mobo: asrock P4i45GV ethernet: idk but works sound: ac97 installed: 8,9,1 sse2 kernel Please help with this!
  11. i had a 1G nano and now I own a 5,5G iPod... the difference is awesome! you can have your videos, podcasts with video, a much better screen, 30gb! now i don't use DVDs to backup data! good choice
  12. i have a 30g ipod and it doesn't skip musics, i have never had any problem with it, and i always ride my bike listening my ipod. just my opinion
  13. Is Steve hurting Apple?

    i was going to say the same
  14. try putting in Bios to read ur cd drive, or u can give more information with maybe pictures.. good luck