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  1. Laughing at Longhorn

    I didn't do the genuine test thingy. I opened up the activation thing and selected activate windows over the internet. It finished, and said that my version of windows was activated and that my computer was running genuine windows. To CpuMan - I have a sata drive with two installations of xp and one ide drive with vista. I've been trying to find out how to link to the xp bootloader from the vista bootloader with little success. I would suggest a 3rd-party bootloader like lilo or grub if you want to dual boot. Maybe soon someone will figure out how to dual-boot vista.
  2. Old Mac Os For Intel

    I probably shouldn't be saying this, but search the forums. Major Hint: BitTorrent Search, because you need to know a lot more than i'm gonna tell you. Good Luck!
  3. Linux Distributions

    Gentoo works best because you compile it yourself. It is the most optimized for your computer, and it's very customizable. If you're not good with unix, though, it's not for you.
  4. Laughing at Longhorn

    Oddly, the WPA thing finally appeared for me. I chose to verify my computer. It contacted the microsoft website, and deemed my computer genuine. LMFAO!!! Well, that's a good way to get around it... Responding to my previous post, you can't activate a monitor that doesn't exist. Too bad. Any other ideas? Noooooooooooo. The memory is not the issue. The issue is the fact that nVidia has not put in any special stuff into these lddm drivers, so even good gfx cards will lag. Just wait until the next release of the drivers. If that doesn't help enough, get a new gfx card.
  5. i figured you guys might enjoy this...;-)

    I have a mac plus, still working. No, you can't have the case. Yes, it's been done before with lights and everything. (Cold cathode tubes, uv, the works)
  6. yeah, it would suck to be a poor citizen of the usa because you would be poor, not because you're living in the usa. what makes your home country so good?
  7. Can OSX run from a dvd?

    If you want to edit an iso, you can just unpack it and change the files then repack it, or download a program like ultra iso. Either use the trial or find a serial/crack/something.
  8. Laughing at Longhorn

    First: For everyone wanting a nice sidebar, try downloading a program called Codename Dashboard. It's a winxp program that was made to look like the longhorn sidebar. I don't know how well it will work in vista, but it's worth a try. Second: One way to solve WPA is to mess around with it in the registry. I don't know where it is in vista, but it's probably somewhere in the local machine top-level folder and then in microsoft. Try both windows and windows nt. They have different files in them. Oddly, i downloaded a non cracked install disk and I don't get any WPA doodle. Hmmm... Third: I wish people luck with the installing driver stuff. Dunno why it's not working. You might need to mess around with the inf files for the drivers some, or something. Try changing the name of the xp section to vista. Dunno. Maybe try an older compatibility mode, and mess around with some of the options. Not sure. If anybody finds anything, post it quickly. I know that i'm not the only person waiting to install their chipset drivers. Fourth: I will love anyone (in a non-homosexual way) that figures out how to use the presentation settings without plugging in a projector. Btw, JaS, my card has DVI-out, VGA-out, and S-Video out. I can use two monitors. I still can't access presentation settings. So that's not the issue. I'll try activating the other "monitor" (because there's only one plugged in, but vista sees two). Maybe that will help. Doubt it though.
  9. Laughing at Longhorn

    Are you serious?!?!?!?! I was so mad that I couldn't install my chipset drivers. Well, thnx a lot for that much easier way to solve the problem. Btw, anyone know a contact at nVidia? I was hoping to contact them asking when they were going to release another version of the lddm drivers. I've searched their site through and through, and they don't list email addresses for support people anywhere. Any ideas?
  10. Laughing at Longhorn

    I had the same problem. The way to fix it is to navigate to the folder where you extracted the setup files for the driver. Look around in there for the .sys file and the .inf file. Open up the properties page for your graphics card in device manager. Go to the drivers tab, and select update driver. Choose "Advanced" or "Select from a List" or whatever the second option is. Choose the bottom radio button on the next page that says a similar thing. Don't have it search for drivers. Click the have disk button. Then navigate to the folder with the .inf file and select it. Choose the item that now appears in the list. It will now install the 75.03 lddm drivers. For everyone, if you have problems installing drivers using a setup program supplied with the drivers, follow the same general procedure. Find the folder containing the .sys and .inf files and follow the same above steps but going into the properties for the thing that you are installing the drivers for, and choosing the directory with the right files. Hope this is helpful. Post if you have any questions. WARNING!!! - If you don't know if you have found the correct .sys and .inf file, don't do this. Normally, XP wouldn't let you install the wrong drivers, but there could be problems due to the beta status. DO NOT take any risks. If you want to install a chipset or other driver, too bad. Chipset drivers are not single drivers, and are much more difficult to install, since the installers for chipset drivers use many different .sys files. Also, I'm not liable for anything you do that comprimises your computer. This is how I installed my drivers, and it worked fine for me. Do at your own risk.
  11. panic problem

    Did it appear before the registration dialog? If it was afterwards, use the ctrl+w keys to close the dialog box. Good luck with your problem. And post the panic message, it will help with diagnosing the problem.
  12. Laughing at Longhorn

    If you read my later posts, you would have seen that that wasn't the case. I unplugged the sata drive and went back into Vista. I installed the drivers, and they installed fine. I plugged the drive back in and got the bsod. It turns out, as I posted, that the old winxp bootloader (even if you use the new bootloader and boot off of the xp disk) cannot correctly start Vista. You have to install Vista on a drive and give it it's own Vista bootloader for it to work. ------------------------------- For the rest of the people following this, has anyone figured out how to link the Vista bootloader to an XP bootloader? I haven't been able to figure out how. Would you link it to the Windows/WINNT folder or to the boot.ini file? I've tried both and neither work. I haven't tried all combinations of options, though. Any ideas?
  13. Laughing at Longhorn

    Yes, but by doing that I don't have the nice aero interface, which to me is probably more important than the resolution. I would get better 3D acceleration though...
  14. Laughing at Longhorn

    Hello again, I do have that ability, but there are only three options. 800x600, 1024x758, and 1280x1024. I generally use 1152x864. Sadly, that's not avaliable. Also, how did you get the games working? With me, using the lddm drivers i can't get hardware acceleration. Did you install the normal nvidia drivers over the lddm ones? And what gfx card do you have? And by the way, how did you get the projector icon there? It's not there for me... Is is because you're using a laptop and it has a different interface connection with the screen that causes it to be considered a projector?
  15. Laughing at Longhorn

    Hi JaS, Thanks a lot for all the help. Any ideas on how to make it so that the display supports more resolutions? I hate running my monitor at 1024x768. It's too small.