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  1. Vanilla Install on MSI Wind

    I had the same problem on an 8GB usb the problem was not enough room to install on the disk
  2. Vanilla Install on MSI Wind

    The flash drives work OK it is the external USB drive that I am installing it onto that spits the dummy
  3. Vanilla Install on MSI Wind

    Hi Dalton, Tried your USB install again, I tried it about 4 times before the talk of snowywind.iso , it seems o hang on booting if you use the bootloader on the USB it seems OK takes forever after you hit F11 (abot 2-3min) it seems to be searching drive for boot block or something?
  4. Is the Great Windows Debate Over?

    Finally Someone has got EFI tools for the x86 iMac http://nak.journalspace.com/?cmd=displayco...407&entryid=407 This should help
  5. Now that we have OSX running on dual and QUAD MACHINES we should try to figure out a way to get OSX running on one core and windows on the other. Has anyone read the manual on core management?
  6. The links are there but when you try to download the link on mac drivers there is no link the other drivers still work. Duh!!! The other lists ie next to the arrow Linux, Windows all were active the Macintosh was not. I thought it was a list and the drivers ie USB were not active. Sorrry
  7. The download on ralink has dissapeared can someone put up the driver somewhere
  8. Parts of Deadmoo

    I did boot from the DVD on a mac and installed it on an external firewire drive. I can get x86 tiger to boot on a mac I am just waiting to testit on a pc....
  9. Finally got Markartiger.iso that was in a deadmoo torrent ho9w can I install it using a Mac? I need to install it on a hard drive than take it to work disconnect the primary master and replace it with my drive. That way I can quickly check what is the best hardware to run it on.
  10. Parts of Deadmoo

    Managed to add .rar extension to the folder than was able to unrar it. When I did I got Marklar-tiger.iso which has an installer that will boot on a mac but not allow me to install onto an external drive
  11. Parts of Deadmoo

    Just downloaded deadmoo on a Mac took 8 days. ended up in a folder named "Apple-OSX.x86.Developer.Kit.Install.DVD-deadmoo" folder contains deadmoo.nfo, phenix.nfo, tiger.part001.rar ......tiger.part079.rar Tried to change folder extension to .img .iso .dmg without success what can I do. I know this is probably soo stupid but I haven't come across it. Thanks