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    D945GCLF2 Snow Leopard

    ok grace of g3power everything is working now. when i say everything it's everything ...... in 32bit only because even trying the teateam 64 bit kernel it doesn't boot. if someone run 10.6.3 on a d945gclf2 under 64bit, advises are always welcome. PS: it seems that the DamienValentine DSDT is better (for video acceleration) that the one used by g3power . i'm not sure of the one i've used finally but the one i've posted before is the best one for all resolutions and QE/CI.
  2. Mac Gyver

    D945GCLF2 Snow Leopard

    hi all, i'm really frustrated with this problem of sound. i've tried everything i could but each time nothing appear in pref pane. i resume: with and without AppleHDA 10.6.3 or 10.6.2 with and without ALC662 or VoodooHDA same problem, nothing is working i think it comes from my dsdt. the problem is that i don't know how to patch it. so if some one could get a eye on it and tell me if there's a way to get sound it would be very kind of him/her. here is my DSDT i've seen so much people under 10.6.0 but never under 10.6.3 i hope there will be an issue because it's a great board and i don't want to change just for that.
  3. Mac Gyver

    D945GCLF2 Snow Leopard

    hi, after flashing the bios i could install mac os without KP. well i'm under 10.6.3 (32bit) retail witn the mach_kernel_atom_10.3.0_MacOSX_10.6.3 with lots of things working : all resolutions QE/CI HT SLEEP POWEROFF LAN (seems to work but got a problem between my two Hack and don(t know where the problem is from) and some other not : 64bit SOUND even trying lots of kext (VoodooHDA wihtout appleHDA) restart legacy usb Keyboard (need a ps2 keyboard to enter the bios) but it's ok under mac os so i get a very fast system with a 2"5 hd and only 1gb 533. i'm really surprised by this mobo. my SLE contents: IONetworkingFamily.kext VoodooHDA.kext XXXXXX not working fakesmc.kext RealtekR1000.kext XXXXXX i think i don't need it AHCIPortInjector.kext IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext any suggestions for sound, restart and 64bits are very welcome one thing more, i confirm that video lags occur under youtube, sad but vlc works great
  4. Mac Gyver

    D945GCLF2 Snow Leopard

    no because i thaught that with a 10.6.0 i didn't need that kernel ... but i'll try, thanks for the link
  5. Mac Gyver

    D945GCLF2 Snow Leopard

    hi all ! one question to all of you that the D945CGLF2 is working under 10.6.X : which version of bios are you running and what are your settings ? i've tried so many way and still a CPU KP ... i don't think there's a link but on another side my board is very noisy the fan is always to the maxspeed (bios settings doesn't change nothing). i don(t remeber my bios ver (and i'm not in front of the beast) i'll check what is my bios ver to compare with those you'll post. thanks in advance
  6. scrax: still nothing regarding audiochip with the kext you linked . i think nikeita and i should get the same problem between NullCPU.... and voodoomini as i get some other problems of shutdown-restart and DHCP so ... i'll probably try your entire installer. nikeita: sorry, i've misunderstood with my other mobo for PC HEALTH. in your Bios go under "Power" and "Hardware monitor" and then check cpu temp and vcore. those values are the real ones. you 'll notice that the vcore is much lower to the one applied in the cpu settings if not on "Auto" it is due to a vdroop. you can increase it to obtain a "real" 1,3500v max for a SLACR. but check the "real temp " too. for exemple my E5200 need to be set on 1,45 to obtain a real 1,35 (due to vdroop again) but it's rock stable @ 3,69ghz and idle 38°C full 58°C under istat AND in bios (on a stock air quad cooler)
  7. realy intersting nikeita, so it should be the reason why a getting troubles with my Audio (die to Nullcpu.....) i'll try tha kexts of scrax to see if it works even with the NullCPU....kext and the post the results. for your vcore the best is to see in "pc health" what is the tension when idle and try to fix it near this value or even higher tp prevent cpu charge (this way you'll not let it go much more higher)
  8. @ scrax: still no audio. but, now i can see in "about this mac" all my outputs and ALC883 etc .... 1- i've used the audio Kext in your signature maybe it outdated ... 2- i've put the dsdt.aml in EXTRA folder and it seems to be ok (because "about this mac) 3- in the bios i've tried both setting between HDA audio & AC97 but same .... so now i'll try other kexts untill i'll found the right one. to nikeita: fisrt of all you must be sure your Q6600 is a stepping G0 and not a B3 after that check in your bios if the cpuvcore is set on auto try to fix it at 1,3000 sometimes some mobo may increase too much the vcore and it result in cpu heat. (the G0 stepping is known to run cooler than the B3). anyway the best thing to do before is to bench for 10 min your system then reboot go into the bios and chack the CPU temp in PC HEALTH this one is much more reliable. like me you should try NullcpupowNullCPUPowerManagement instead of voodoomini if you still get high temperatures.
  9. ok to srax: check your pm box i've sent you the file. and for the heat temp i've already used voodoomini with the E5200 but i get 10°c more than with NullCpuManagement. i had (under istat) around 37°c with NullCPU.... and 48°c with voodoomini. now i run a Q6600 (stepping G0) @3,16 rock stable but idle at 52°C while only typing this text. and 75°c when running 3 geekbench 1 xbench a bluray and google earth together (yeah i wasn't able to found a better bench). i'm asking me if for some reasons voodoomini should work better certain type of cpu and nullcpu for some others.
  10. thanks scrax. the only problem is i don't have DSDT on my system because i don't use it with my install. but maybe i can creat one regarding only audio ? i've get a look on DSDTSE and don't know if i need dsdt.aml or dsl i'm a little bit confused.it seems to create a dsl one is it ok ? if i used a DSDT must i need to change the content of EXTRA folder ? or could we use both KEXT and DSDT. i've seen that DSDT can resolve some cpu heat problem (mine idle @52° but q6600@ 3,16 with stock cooler but i had a e5200 idle temp @ 37°c for 3,45Ghz on stock cooler too)
  11. hello all ! sorry to post in english but as this guide is in both language (and scrax agree i think)... so i come for a few question regarding the onboard Audio of the AL883 on tha P5K (crossflashed with P5KR bios). i would like to knwo if there's a chance to get it working very simply. i don't want to re-install all my 99% working OC cool and very powerfull system only for sound. and to be honest i'm a little bit afraid by using DSDT patching on my very stable system. any help are realy welcome PS: be sure i've search everywhere on the web before posting here
  12. Mac Gyver

    TUTO : Installation Snow Leopard sur p5k.

    salut a tous, petite question en passant par la: qui a du son avec sa P5K (ALC883) car moi j'ai tout essayé mais rien n'y fait aucuns kext n'a reglé mon probleme. je suis en retail 10.6.2 ca boot tres bien en 32 et 64 bit mais dans les deux cas pas de son tout le reste fonctione a part le restart et qqs mouse lags (dont je suis en train de corriger le probleme avec un post un plus haut). pour ceux dont le son marche sur cette carte j'aimerais bien savoir sur quoi est reglé leurs bios AC97 ou HDA ? ca m'aidera beaucoup deja .... merci à tous
  13. hi all, i had problems too with a 8500GT some lags while watching movies in vlc but under 64bit kernel i've a 7900GT and a 7500LE both working well in 32bit . i can't use 64bit only for a Zydas USB wifi not working in 64bit kernel. my last problem is the Audio. to those who get audio working on this board i've a question: in your bios which is the good setting AC97 or HDAudio ? in fact i try to make it working without dsdt patching ... but for now, noway ...
  14. Mac Gyver

    ZyDas 64 bit

    Yep same here UP or does someone know a good way to run 32bit Kexts and Apps under 64bit Kernel ?
  15. RaMaDaSa: yes i've been able to cross-flash my P5K to P5KR bios (latest 7xx ...) i can't retry a retail SL now. but i can tell you that it works like a charm with minor problemes under 10.5.8 (Time Machine don't reconize Backup and my drives are Orange like if they were unplugable). as i plan to go for 10.6.2, i certainly won't fix those few problems ... i think it's causing by the "Unknown AHCI Standard Controller" in fact i have no kexts for the S-ATA controller and i don't even know the model that is. be sure i let more infos when i'll get a 100% retail SL on this Board.
  16. hello, it's funny because we have a very similar config. but i must say i 've not went as far as you. i 've owned the same "Airport card" F5D7001 and the same GA-G31M-ES2L with couple of problems under 10.6.2. no way to find a good kext to use the F5D7001 here too. 10.6.2 doesn't see the card. however it worked OOB under 10.5.8 ... something is very strange with retail installations it seems that not all the LAN kexts are installed. for example, it has been impossible for me to use kismac 3 with a RT73 usb key on every Hack i've build (Eeee 1000h, P5K, GA-G31M, P5E-VM hdmi, etc ...) and both under 10.5 and 10.6 it's working perfeclty on my macbook but not on Hacks. and obviously, to kismac's userfriendly: without installing any driver regarding RT73 or elses wifi adapter before. as the Belkin F5D7001 worked OOB under 10.5, i don't know what kext was used but if you know how to check that we could try the kexts from 10.5 in 10.6 ... i've forgot something, i'm asking myself, couldn't be a PCI slot managing problem ? Biios settings ? i've tried so many different settings like Plug & play os YES & NO IRQs manual or auto, each times SL don't reconize any PCI device or Airport ....
  17. hi, ok here are some good news, the answer is "KODAKEY". a very powerfull utility to make bootable USB stick or CD including a lots of Bios regarding ASUS mobo's. you'll get the English USB version here ( 256 mo) and the English CD version here for tutorial go Kodakey' website but use it very carefully you'll be able to crossflash everything with this tool ! regards
  18. hi to "kiu777": i'm also curious to know how did you crossflash your P5K ? i've tryed using alt F2 then choosing my P5KR file (P5K-0703.rom) on a usb stick because i'don't have floppy drive. and unfortunatly i get the message "id does not match.." too ...
  19. thanks BROKEN for your answer. ok i'll try my 8500GT to see if it makes the job in 64bit and if not i'll go for a passive 9X00 Geforce. I've used DSDT patcher but forgot to make the trick with UUID and it works well (in 32bit) is this really important to put UUID ? (i plan to CarbonCopyClone the system drive on a usb one for backup) the GA-G31M-ES2L rev 2 is not a very good choice for OC . my limit for a E2140 is 2,2 Ghz against 3,2 on the P5K (due to the RAM multiplier with 667 modules)... i've done a few search for Lan and sound driver but each time it seems to be for the rev 1. if someone should post a bios screen shot of a fully working G31M-ES2L rev 2 under SL 10.6.2, it will be kind of him. tomorow i'll sale my G4 quicksilver case because finaly i've not enough time to build it ... and that takes room too !
  20. ok so i 've owned a GA-G31M-ES2L rev2 and after couple of problems i finaly get a working 32bit 10.6.2. but KP when trying in 64bit so i'm near a perect install without Lan Sound, 64bit and onboard GMA 3100 ... as i've got the P5G41-M LE i'll try to make it working too and i'll sale the worth one. at this point i must sadely say that SL is more hard to install than Leopard was on my P5K. and to finish, i don't know what to prefer between 7500EN, 7900GT, 8500GT, supposing there is noway to get a working X4500 ou GMA 3100 under SL (i would much more prefer due to the room it takes) here's a screenshot of the KP if anyone as an idea ? (maybe the Ge-Force 7500EN) Kernel Panic
  21. hi guys, i join you in this quest of building a G41 G4/3 case SL machine. i've just owned a P5G41-M LE Asus mobo and i've a G4 quicksilver case. so this topic is interesting me cause i think our mobo (G41 chipset) are quite similar. i've try to build one with a GA-G33-S2L but noway to go for 10.6.2 only 10.6.1 or KP so now i'll go for the G41 based mobo. remeber to get a very short DVD drive if you plane to close the case because of the memory modules. i've got all the ingredient but no recipe. i'll improvise ;-) and give feedback ... i hope X4500 will work OOB because it is the reason i've baught it (G31 = 3100 not working well)
  22. Mac Gyver

    TUTO : Installation Snow Leopard sur p5k.

    hello a tous, bon je vois ce tuto qui a l'air pas mal et je suis moi aussi sous 10.5.8 en retail sur P5K avec une config 200% fonctionnel (QE-CI, dual screen, Airport PCI, Apple REMOTE avec IR receiver) bref vraiment fonctionnele quoi ... mais bon un 10.6.2 serait quand mème plus sympa surtout quand on possède une RETAIL de 10.6.0 j'aurais donc 2 petites questions: 1- y en t ils qui ont reussi a faire fonctionner les 4 ports SATA de leur P5K (moi il me sont tous utile) 2- une install sur hd usb est elle envisageable dans le but d'un CarbonCopyCloner et DSDTpatcher sur le premier disque SATA ensuite histoire de gerer different probleme comme son WIFI (PCI airport) 7900GT etc. je n'ai trouvé aucuns tuto proposant l'install direct sur HD usb (ou clé) . sinon je suis bien curieux de savoir comment vous faites vos backup system dans l'evantuelité (totalement improbable) d'un .... crash disque dur.
  23. Mac Gyver

    P5E-VM HDMI Sleep/Shutdown

    UP ! same problem here even with the power off fix. any solution to shut down this f*****ormidable mobo should be welcome ...
  24. hi, well you just have to go in Preference Pane then Monitor or display and see if you have a box to check (rotate, pivot) with degres 90,180,270.if not it simply means no support for this card or a wrong driver is loaded. i've seen so many people buying this mobo in the hope to use the onboard gpu. as others do, i'll sadely get a PCIe card (like a 7300gs) but the reason i've baught this mobo was i planed to build a low power consumption HACK-MIDI with 2"5 hard drive and slim DVDRW ...
  25. hi, what do you mean exactly by "it works" ? could you get dual output working and hopefully QE/CI rotate under 10.5.4 ? cause i get the same problem here but in retail 10.5.6 on a P5E-VM hdmi . the vga out is ok but blue screen on dvi (hdmi to dvi). as i planed to use both with QE/CI AND rotate, i'm really sad with this board any help would be so apreciated ...