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  1. The Role of DSDT?

    Hello all, I'm interested in where the DSDT sits, from what i've read so far it is stored in the BIOS, it provides a way a communicating with the hardware. Here are my questions:- * The DSDT is stored in the BIOS, but there are bootloaders out there that let you Mock/replace it. Does this mean that the DSDT is loaded along with the other ACPI tables directly into memory for the OS to access it? if so what normally does the loading into memory? * What is the basic flow of messages to the DSDT. i.e. Kernel -> bootloader -> DSDT and back again? or is it different? * Why is patching/recompiling of a DSDT on a regular PC necessary (to boot osx)? surely the DSDT living in the BIOS already knows how to communicate with the hardware, and i can't imagine that something in the BIOS would be specific to an OS i.e. windows, why can't OSX use a regular DSDT? if anyone can point towards more information about the DSDT and BIOS that would be great, Thanks.