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  1. p3nixn

    [Sell] HP a1310n

    Selling HP a1310n (no monitor, keyboard, speakers or mouse) Check out all the specs - http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...cname=c00571922 I will reformat the computer as I do not want any of my stuff being on it, Hardrive will be ready for fresh install of whatever os you choose. BEST OFFER! PM OR EMAIL evgenimalkin@hotmail.com Kyle
  2. p3nixn

    WTB: Laptop (maybe desktop)

    i personally didnt think this was to out of the world.. i seen them be sold for roughly this before. and people say they built them for like 200$ so build one and sell me it for 250$ lol
  3. p3nixn

    WTB: Laptop (maybe desktop)

    yea im going to have to look there if no one is selling theres at the moment. Thanks
  4. Looking to buy a hackintosh laptop ? looking to spend no more then 250$ ... :censored2: or a desktop could be a possibility as well. Post back here or message me. Needs to have hackintosh installed already..? List specs ect.. Or even i hear people are building them for like 140$ - 200$ on newegg? can someone help me out and tell me what parts and stuff id need i got to get one
  5. p3nixn

    Can't boot on laptop

    try to find someone really smart to help you thats my idea.. i dont understand half the stuff.. PS: Check my sig
  6. p3nixn

    Which mainboard?

    id choose the VM 1394.. but thats just my choice.. up to you.. PS:Check my sig.
  7. p3nixn

    Amazing HP Laptop

    Im interested how old is this..? PS: Check my sig.
  8. p3nixn

    (BUY) Hackintoh laptop

    How muc you looking to spend?? Ps: Check my sig.
  9. p3nixn

    Mac OSx86 on SATA?

    Friend of mine had this problem, ill ask him what he did he got it to work.. PS: Check my sig.
  10. p3nixn

    Can't Burn Image

    might be able to send you one in the post. talk to me p3nixn@hotmail.com Also Check My Sig To Anyone Who Reads This.
  11. Here is my link im selling via ebay. Visit my auction here
  12. p3nixn

    Take photos from iPod?

    Yepp these linux methods work Done it about half year ago PS:Check Sig
  13. p3nixn

    iSight still not working

    This sounds like same thing my friend did..just uninstall those drivers.. Disable them from device manager.. reboot.. than turn them back on and reinstall drivers sounds dumb but it worked for him PS: Check Sig.
  14. p3nixn

    Thank you InsanelyMac

    Thanks i finally got this on my computer HP Pavillion ZE5600 .. if you have one it should work mine did after a couple trys. Ps:Check my sig.
  15. p3nixn

    How could i get a copy of OS X x86 ?

    google it up theres about 500 different places kik