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  1. It works perfectly I put this up here so others don't have to go through all the troubles i went through
  2. Could not find any descent instructions on how to do this so after 2 days of downloading and trying here is what finally worked for others that might be thinking of doing this : HARDWARE : Dell GX270 P4 2.4GHZ HT Enabled SSE3 1GB DDR Ram 120GB SATA HDD LG DVD Burner (Dell DVD Rom would not read Disks Properly Kept giving BIOS READ errors) INSTALL : 1 - Download iATKOS_5i.iso 2 - Burn using DVD Decrypter at 1X Speed (I used version http:\\www.dvddecrypter.com) 3 - Update BISO to version A07(available at Dells website) 4 - In BIOS set Power Management\Suspend Mode to S3 5 - Boot from CD 6 - System will stop in command prompt asking for user input wait 7sec and boot up will continue on its own 7 - System will sit on the grey apple loading screen with spinning gear for a while 8 - Prompt to click the button to continue will appear. Click the Blue Button on lower right hand side of window 9 - Welcome screen will appear. Go to the Utilities menu at the top and press Disk Utility. WARNING: THE FOLLOWING STEPS WILL ERASE ALL DATA FROM WHICHEVER HARD DRIVE IS SELECTED. 10 - Right Click on the drive you wish to Install OSX on and choose Partition 11 - From Volume Scheme Drop down box choose "1 Partition". Give it a name. Leave Format on "Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Press "Options" Button on bottom of window and select "Master Boot Record". Click "OK" than Click "Apply" finally Click "Partition". When finished Close Partition Window than close Disk Utility Window 12 - Now back at Welcome Screen Click "Continue" than "Agree" 13 - Select a Destination (the hard Drive you Partitioned in the previous step) click continue 14 - Install Summary Click "Customize" Select the following: Bootloader PC EFI V9 Patches Decrypters AppleDecrypt SMBIOS drivers SMBIOS' for X86\AppleSMBIOS netkas Kernel 9.5.0 voodoo ACPI APIC drivers Disabler.kext Remove PowerManagement.kext Remove Thermal kexts OHR Drivers System\SATA/IDE\Intel SATA Network\Intel Pro/100 VE Click on "Done" 15 - Click "INSTALL" 16 - If you are confident in your DVD you may Skip the DVD Check by pressing "Skip" INSTALL WILL TAKE ABOUT 20 MIN 17 - Reboot System and Removed Install CD 18 – ENjoy Boots No Problem Sound\Network working fine. Let me know if this helps.