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  1. HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    I'm happy to report that my DV6500T now runs iATKOS Lion 10.7.1 wonderful! I can say it's quite fast and speedy over 10.5.8. I never had much luck with 10.6.x(crashed a lot) so yeah 10.7.1 is nice! The only patch or editing I needed to make was the volume control slider. You have to edit a couple of lines in voodooHDA plist for the volume control slider to work correctly. Other than that, everything else works! UPDATE: The only issue I'm having now is the CMOS time reset. The times keeps resetting. I tried all the AppleRTC fix I can find and none seems to resolve the issue. For the time being, I'm restoring 10.5.8 image until I can find a fix.
  2. HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    Does anyone have the correct NVCAP for the DV6500T with a 8400M GS 128MB nVidia graphic? I'm trying to get the VGA output to work but I've tried soo many NVCAP and have got tired of trying. If anyone have the correct NVCAP values, please post! Thanks!
  3. Install it with Kext Helper: http://www.cheetha.net/Kext_Helper/Software.html Or you can try the shutdown fix in my signature, it seems to work for me.
  4. HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    The DV9000 is the series based frame; like the DV6500T, DV6000 is the series based frame. Your model is the DV9500. The DV9614 is the model being sold in store. If you purchase from HP, it's either DV6500, DV6700, DV9500, DV9700, etc. Yes it's confusing, but you'll get the hang of it. ALC268 Installer 1 defaults to the speaker, whereas ALC Installer 2 defaults to the headphones.
  5. HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    Well my Broadcom BCM94321MC wireless card decided to died on me. Lucky that I bought a DW 1390 card on eBay; and I received two! dv9700t: There are plenty of threads about your problem. I don't want to sound rude or anything but google will find almost anything.
  6. HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    You need to hack the BIOS no matter what. HP laptops are locked only to use HP parts, and HP doesn't allow the use of third party wireless card. The hack is just to allow the wireless card to the whitelist so you will not get the "error 104". Once the card is added to the safe or white list, it works out of the box. I can confirm that ALL USB and the firewire works on my DV6500T. As for dual booting, you can dual boot all you want, as long as you know-how. I've done it with XP and OSX86, and Vista and OSX86. I have not try triple booting.
  7. HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    I think there are some differences between the DV6500T and the DV9700T. My Dv6500T webcam never work with any distro; like others, the blue lights up but that's about it. Now that I install Cam twist, the webcame is working, although the video is choppy or lagging.
  8. HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    I ran into a thread, I forgot the link, about getting the webcam to work. You need to install Cam Twist for the webcam to work. I installed Cam Twist and the web cam works in Photo Booth! One downside though, there seems to be a delay in the picture when the web cam is in use. All you have to do to get the webcam to work is run the Cam Twist program, double click on webcam to the left pane, then the blue light lits up and you simply run Photo Booth to take snapshots. I haven't test other programs, but I can say that the webcam now works!
  9. HP DV9200 Whitelist Help

    Try these sites for tutorial: http://www.rechner.org/b1800_bios.html http://www.richud.com/HP-Pavilion-104-Bios-Fix/ The thread I posted above: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=31474
  10. HP DV9200 Whitelist Help

    The best way to know it is to try and test it out. You might consider adding the wireless card ID and SUB ID into the whitelist instead of changing the F9 to F8. From what I read you can get the ID and SUB ID if you set your laptop to sleep, then swap the card, wake up from sleep, and go into device manager to get the info needed. The Crisis Disk can only be use on a floppy, CD and USB will not work. You can get yourself a USB floppy just in case. Good luck!
  11. HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    Your are welcome! For all the other stuff, see my signature for other fixes. Enjoy! Btw, this wireless card, on eBay, will work. This is the exact one that I bought to replace the Intel AGN card. http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?f...&category0= You still need to hack the BIOS to add to the whitelist.
  12. HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    For wireless try this thread: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=31474 For sound, download ALC268FIX, extract and run the ALC268_Installer1 installer for the sound. http://rapidshare.com/files/132209637/ALC268FIX.zip
  13. The HDAEnabler didn't work for me either. I'm getting broken shutdown. Sometime it works and sometime it doesn't. I noticed that HDA Fix v2 seems to work better than HDA Fix v3.
  14. HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    Follow step 5-8 above. Fore real, if you can use Gparted, Chain0 and Tboot is simplier than that. I can never get Gparted to work properly and I was able to find alternative ways. In step 7 above, I meant to say this: 7. Boot into XP, and copy Chain0 or Tboot to root C:\ and edit boot.ini, and add either: c:\tboot="Apple Macintosh OSX Leopard" OR c:\chain0="Apple Macintosh OSX Leopard" Btw, XP will be the default boot OS with the above method. If you don't have Vista, ignored that.
  15. HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    I used Windows to partition my hard drive. I never had luck with Gparted, it is very confusing to me. This is the way I partition with a clean drive: 1. Boot with XP CD, partition only 20GB for XP. 2. Once XP finished installed, boot into Windows, install/use Partition Magic(not free program). 3. Partition another primary 20GB for OSX86. 4. Install OSX86 and let it finish. 5. Boot with Win98SE boot disc(you can create a boot CD from the floppy). 6. FDISK and mark the XP partition active. 7. Boot into XP, and copy Chain0 or Tboot to root C:\ and edit boot.ini, and add either: c:\tboot="Apple Macintosh OSX Leopard" OR c:\chain0="Apple Macintosh OSX Leopard" 8. Restart and you should have a dual boot menu with OSX86 and XP. For Vista dual boot, you need to copy XP NTOSkrnl to the root of C:\ for the dual boot to work.