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  1. Again, there ist no way to run the NVIDIA GPU. the screenshots looks like a messed up HD3000. tomorrow I'll try to get some spare time this week, to help you out.
  2. Congrats 10.8.4 ? Sound: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/257950-guide-dell-xps-15-l502x-early-2011-snow-leopard-install-possibly-l702x-too/page-116?do=findComment&comment=1897823, maybe these can get the Job done. Graphics: And no, there is currently no support for the integrated Nvidia GPU, means Intel HD 3000 only. Wifi: Needs to be relaced by an Dell DW 1510 (eBay for e.g.) Offtopic: are you from Germany?
  3. @ALL I just updated 10.8.3 to 10.8.4 with Delta Update (downloaded here, not via AppStore) In my case, I just had to reinstall the HDA Kexts Note: Somehow every Delta worked - even the installer said installation failed - for me since 10.8.2 Sometimes the same happens on Updates like Safari - I just ignore the messages @The_OTTO: Wasn't [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] supposed to work with TonyMac's compatible Hardware only? You should try the tutorials again - what exactly on the tutorial didn't worked for you? And what kind of XPS are you running?
  4. @maxey Yes, it seems that the keycodes are not exactly the same even on same models. I guess it depends on components used for the keyboardcontroller which must not always are the same. Also there are different h/w revisions depending on manufacturing date. A few posts earlier we figured out that Doix Layout differs from mine in some ways. Thats why I posted how to edit yourself So you managed to open/edit/install the kext - grats. I'm checking my key codes for Alt/Cmd right now. For both I'm getting 0xffff - which is weird. Anyway, which laptop you are using?
  5. Check /VoodooPS2Controller.kext/Contents/PlugIns/VoodooPS2Keyboard.kext/Contents/Info.plist on section you can edit: <key>ActionSwipeDown</key> <string>67 d, 67 u</string> <key>ActionSwipeLeft</key> <string>37 d, 7b d, 7b u, 37 u</string> <key>ActionSwipeRight</key> <string>37 d, 7c d, 7c u, 37 u</string> <key>ActionSwipeUp</key> <string>65 d, 65 u</string> which are simple makros pressing buttons by their key codes. In this case perfoperforming a SwipeLeft will set key 37 and 7b to state "d" (down, pressed) and "u" (up) again. To find out, which key a button belongs to I used http://manytricks.com/keycodes/ For example Pressing the Spacebar in Key Codes, telling me the Code: 0x31 So the string for using the spacebar would be <string>31 d, 31 u</string> I guess there are different ways getting the right KeyCodes, but I did it this way @Doix I didn't spend much time on debugging. I thought I could find something in Kernel.log but theres nothing related to WiFi. How can I simple debug kexts or get some kind of log?
  6. @ DoiX I've tested the VoodooPS2Controller.kext based on your's again. I noticed drag&moving windows wasn't working for me. (Drag&Drop Icons are ok) With RehabMan's previously it worked for windows, too. Compared those two and found differences in trackpad.kext and set them to RehabMan's settings: <key>FingerZ</key> <integer>40</integer> <key>ImmediateClick</key> <false/> Now Drag&Move works fine for me again. Updated Kext w/ Drag/Move Fix: https://www.dropbox....roller.kext.zip Trying to debug tomorrow
  7. Here it is: https://www.dropbox....roller.kext.zip Remember, if changed - set Mission Control back to F9 / Show Desktop to F11 Working: 3 Finger - Swipe Gestures up/down left/right Most FN-Keys incl. trackpad lock Not working: After disabling WiFi (FN+F2) , can't be activated again! Not tested: MonitorOut FN+F1 Thanks DoiX, and RehabMan for Source https://github.com/RehabMan
  8. Yupp, Thanks DoiX I can confirm this, layout is fine now. In addition, i recognized the three-finger up is now emulating "F5" so set "Show Desktop" Hotkey to F5 will get this working Note: Disabling WiFi on FN+F2 works, but I was not able to activate it again. Only booting Windows reactivate and reboot worked for me. EDIT: Got the Swipe -Left&Right working. I'd like to set "show desktop" and mission control back to defaults. I'll post the edited kext when I'm done
  9. Checked it once again and it seems that the bindings are completly messed. Volume down/up is F8/F9 without FN-key and found Trackpad lock on "printscreen" key. Also there are functions doubled. Brightness adjustment is possible with and without FN on different F-keys. I even managed somehow to disable WiFi - but were not able to activate again, even by testing all F/FN combinations. Maybe I'll spend some time this weekend working out the correct layout.
  10. https://www.dropbox....-2013-0207a.zip Update: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/257950-guide-dell-xps-15-l502x-early-2011-snow-leopard-install-possibly-l702x-too/#entry1888913 This one contains the modifications mentioned by timewalker. I followed the dev's Guide for installation: Found on: https://github.com/R...-PS2-Controller Make sure, the Hotkeys are set as mentioned by timewalker. As I can see - the modifications are just simple makros, which are emulating pressing F3 or F6 F9/F11by "swiping" up/down w/ three fingers. Well, this works for me and im very impressed by this awesome kext - thanks timewalker. @doix - can't reproduce those lags. @timewalker - I've got Expose running by swipe down, but the swipe up seems to do nothing. I'll try later again with oder hotkeys. Is Swipe Left/Right working? mines not.
  11. Hey, Any way getting 10.8.2 working? Trying to update from 10.8.1 with comboupdate fails after 25-30 minutes. Updating with Applestore works and after patching kexts form Doix' Kextpack system reboots fine. Except Sound and Battery, which where mentioned before won't work without patching on 10.8.2. Problem is, I'm not able to patch kexts anymore. Tried to replace and fix permission fails while fixing - runs forever. Same for Kext Wizzard - trying to install a kextfile results in a never finishing installation. Any advice for me? Which kexts are really necessary after 10.8.2 update and are there any important steps I missed? Secondly, there is no patched AICPUPowemanagement for 10.8.2, is there?
  12. Hi folks, the download of the pre-installed image seems to be down, for the reason of a suspended account. Any chances for a re-up ? I'm on a L502X, but running into some problems updating 10.81 -> 10.8.2 Might be nice of just getting the image somehow --------------------- @ ALL-DDL Hi, Patched the proper SSDT matching your CPU ? On German: Hast du für deine CPU die richtige SSDT installiert? Nutze einfach Doix Package, da sollten die richtigen Files, mit Beschreibung enthalten sein. Unter anderem auch die Kext für HWSensors http://www.insanelym...ibly-l702x-too/
  13. Typo? Guess you mean IO80211Familly.kext ? I'm giving the wireless-fix a try, since i've got connectivity problems with ML and Wireless: Got two Wifis up and running - one on 2.4GHz band, the other on 5GHz. Since ML connecting to the 5GHz Wifi works, but ML behavior is like there is no DNS present. Sometimes even no connection over IP. 2.4GHz no prob at all. 5GHz Wifi working on Windows & 10.7 flawless EDIT: Update installed, rolled back IOAHCIFamily.kext, reboot, done 2.4 GHz Wifi working. Testing 5GHz when im back home.