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  1. I have 10.4.8 running on a Thinkpad Z61m. The PCMCIA controller is Texas Instruments 104C:8039. I initially just replaced the old kext with the one in the very first post and on restart and I got the device failed to start. Then i got all the kexts from the post about what files need to be replaced to work with 10.4.8. I made all those changes, restarted, and it stalls on bootup. In verbose mode i can see that it looks like the controller was recognized... it says Texas Instruments xx12 etc... but then it stops a line or so after that. The problematic kexts seem to be IOPCCardFamily.kext and IOPCIFamily.kext. If i replace either of those with the original version it fails to start the cardbus controller, but loads the OS fine. If I have the old (i think 10.4.4 ) IOPCIFamily.kext along with the modified IOPCCardFamily.kext it detects the controller but stalls. I've tried many of the perhaps different variations of the kexts posted on this forum but they all seem to produce the same general problem. It stalls just before it should print the line about the Firewire controller. I've noticed that others have posted that the firewire stops working when they get PCI working. Could this have something to do with the problem? Any ideas?