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  1. damn, okay, thanks LatinMcG, I should buy another one I guess, the seller I bought this card is claime as the Apple Airport Card, unfortunately, He's lying...
  2. hey, i bought atheros ar5bxb112, but unfortunately, it's not OOB, and then i try lspci, and the result : Atheros Communications Inc. Unknown device [168c:abcd] (rev 01) i wanna know, can i rebranding this card ?
  3. amsart

    AirDrop - Wifi compatible cards

    does anyone now how activate airdrop on mountain lion with apple airport card ar5bxb72 again ? it seem it drop on ML, it works on Lion flawlessly
  4. amsart


    Thanks BlackOSX
  5. amsart

    Final thoughts on Windows 8: awful

    i remove this win 8 yesterday, it causing crash and freeze a lot, not very stable for work, especially design
  6. hi regae, its me, your fella, R4141F hehehehehehee, you should tell me about Lion man...hehehehe, thanks for wonderfull guide man, you're the best
  7. amsart

    [Tutorial] AMD 10.6.8 Retail Snow Leopard Guide!

    okay sir, thank you, sorry to bothering you
  8. amsart

    [Tutorial] AMD 10.6.8 Retail Snow Leopard Guide!

    oops sorry for my dumb question, which i mean is, capture your system profiler on hardware section, i wanna see the sata port is, is it unknown or known sata port ? mine is unknown...
  9. amsart

    Legacy Kernel Nawcom

    hai, did your ram run 8gb ? no apps crash or something ? im curious...i wanna update my ram to 8gb, but when i saw and read from other forum, amd only run 4gb, and then i saw nawcom blog, and his comment said, his friend frog (sumthin like that) use -force64 maxmem=4096, did you use that too ? Running great here thanks nawcom but sleep enabler make KP and KP, so im not using sleep enabler
  10. amsart

    Line6 Guitar Port works well! VERY WELL!

    congrat, X3 live here try run logic 9 or garage band
  11. amsart

    [Tutorial] AMD 10.6.8 Retail Snow Leopard Guide!

    hey man, first of all, nice tutor here, can you share your system profiler here ? sespecially the hardware, i need to ask you something, im running on my sister netbook whic is windows now...thanks
  12. amsart

    ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    @Jpa : heres my bench's that Im promised you on Tony forum (I didnt know that amd user cannot post there) it little bit strange on cinebench, sometimes i've got 33.98 sometimes i've got 34.20 (and this time got 34.09) when im bench my card...my card is HIS HD 6870 H687F1G2M thanks, i will try that (i can't sleep because this dual monitor things)
  13. amsart

    ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    Just wanna say thanks to Andy, that my HIS HD 6870 work perfectly on my AMD rig thanks Andy, You're GOD !!!
  14. amsart

    Introduce yourself.

    Hell-Osx86'ers, my name v-car, from Indonesia, I'm new on OSX86, I hope I can make my HIS HD 6870 would run perfectly on my AMD-mac-pc-based, I'm here because I need source for my guidance from you all the master of OSX86, have fun people, nice to meet ya all, bye