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  1. OSX on Acer Aspire One D255E

    Could you post instructions on how you got iAtkos [ 10.7 ] to work on the D255E ? Ive been having trouble with this and i dont know why, iAtkos S3 works fine, updated to 10.6.8 no worries etc. but when i try and install Lion [ with the L2 version ] about 15 minutes into the install i get an ' Install Failed ' window . I know its not the disc as i have installed onto an Aspire 7741g without fail. Its getting on my last nerve lol Thanks
  2. could you send me a link on how you got Lion installed ? or what distro you used ? many thanks
  3. OSX on acer aspire 7741-6445

    what iAtkos version did you use ?
  4. Compaq 615 Kernel Panic

    I just installed iDeneb v1.5.1 on my Compaq 615, and now whenever i install anything, i get a kernel panic and now i can't turn on my laptop without getting a kernel panic, anybody help ? ( EDIT ) I managed to boot in safe mode ( -x ) but scared to try and install anyting.