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  1. Hi, When I enter fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 it says I don't have permission What should I do ? Please reply
  2. Please helppp, I have installed iATKOS v7 on my External HDD, And iATKOS is not recognizing any of SATA HDD, not even my SATA DVD Drive from which I installed it Do I need to compulsorily install it on my Primary HDD, so that it will recognize my SATA Drives and HDD's ? Is there anyway by which I don't need to reinstall it on my primary HDD and will solve the problem ? And if I have to install it on my primary HDD then, do I need to do it compulsorily on a GUID partition Table or is MBR OK ? Please reply, anybody
  3. Please help me, I have installed iATKOS v7 , The problem with it is it is not recognising my sata HDD and my SATA LG-Hitachi DVD Drive I have installed it on my external HDD, so is that the problem ? If so, then how can I solve it ? Do I have to install it compulsorily on my primary SATA HDD ? Will it then recognise my HDD and DVD Drive ? Please helpppppp,