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  1. Snow Leopard VM worked just fine for the last couple months, left it on last night and now has CPU errors! Any help appreciated! I installed it stock with mac son of knife's help. What would have caused this? Could it have updated without me accepting updates? Workstation 7.1 on Ubuntu. Thanks!
  2. I set my vm of snow leopard to dual monitor but the system doesn't seem to recognize it. Any tips? VMWare workstation on ubuntu host.
  3. Thanks, this solved my problems!! I installed vmware 7.1.4 and followed your guides. I wish google had pointed me to that previous thread a long time ago.
  4. Thanks. Will workstation work as well? Player doesn't let you create right?
  5. Hi, I have been struggling for a long time with VMWare server 2.0.2 running on ubuntu 9.10 on a dual Xeon 5160 server. I have a snow leopard retail disc (10.6 10a432) and darwin.iso. I consistently get the front side bus cpu disabled error. What am I doing wrong?! I have poured through a LOT of sites and topics on this forum before finally posting.. here is my vmx: