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    Switchable Graphics ATI 4650

    So I have an Radeon 4650M and an Intel HD. Is there anyway to get OSX to just detect and use the Radeon? I've tried the various methods/kexts floating around in ATi subforums but can't get anything to actually detect/use the Radeon. Nothing seems to work with laptops that have switchable graphics.
  2. Updated to 10.6.7 successfully thanks to a post by stargex. Removed the Intel Graphics kexts and it finally loads but it's kinda slow. Now just need to figure out how to get my ATI Radeon 4650 Mobile working. Sound is working/No mousepad but I prefer my optical mosue. Also getting a KP when I insert my flash drive into a usb port, really annoying.
  3. Played around with my setup and finally got windows 7 to install, now just have to see if it'll play nice with OSX and get osx to update to 10.6.7
  4. Hey guys, I've got my machine installed/booting 10.6.3 but whenever I update to 10.6.7 it hangs on "DSMOS has arrived" No sound or trackpad working either slowly trying to figure things out. Also I can't seem to install windows 7 when I try it says it can't install to the partition becauses its GUID partitioned and if I use MBR i can't install OSx. Any help appreciated. Specs in my sig.