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  1. UL30VT on 10.6.6

    I don't get sound either unless I manually select the OSX from Chameleon (not just letting the timer expire) Weird..
  2. Asus ul30vt, ul50vt, ul80vt collective knowledge

    No. It fails to return from the sleep. I get a blank screen and bootloader fail the next reboot. I've never used sleep, so perfect _for me_
  3. Geforce G210M

    G210M worked OOB (with graphics enabler) on my Asus UL50VT
  4. Asus ul30vt, ul50vt, ul80vt collective knowledge

    I used iATKOS s3 v2. So I'm not sure if vanilla version would need more kexts :/ There's a how-to for retail SL . EDIT: There's nothing about QE/Cl in my system profiler, but Xbench does QE test without any problems and it run very smooth. I guess it works?
  5. ASUS UL50VT - Need some pointers

    You haven't been online this year but in case someone else is interested: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1671071
  6. UL30VT on 10.6.6

    Yes, SATA should be set to compatible or nVidia graphics cannot be used. I attached a zip with some UL50VT kexts. The Ethernet card may be different but at least the audio should work You'll need these for the Ethernet: IONetworkingFamily.kext AtherosL1cEthernet.kext To get the audio working copy these files to your /Extras directory smbios.plist com.apple.Boot.plist dsdt.aml AND install these kexts: IOAudioFamily.kext AppleHDA.kext None of these files are made/modified by me so: ALL CREDITS GO TO: Whoever made the OSx86 Wiki entry assasin996 youtuber UL50VT.zip
  7. Asus ul30vt, ul50vt, ul80vt collective knowledge

    Hello! I have Asus UL50VT and thanks to this forum and the whole OSx86 community, I now have the latest Snow Leopard (updated iATKOS S3 v2) working perfectly. I almost posted a couple of threads searching for advice, but everything got sorted out quite fast. So I'm here only to thank you