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  1. Goran Someone o.O

    Best kext for nVIDIA geforce 320m ?

    Think? Ok thx ill try
  2. Goran Someone o.O

    Os X on Asus k50i (Best thing I should do)

    SO what do you think i should do for Asus k50i ? (best way to install mac os x on it) PART 1: PART 2: PART 3: THX.
  3. Goran Someone o.O

    Best kext for nVIDIA geforce 320m ?

    So im looking for best kext for nVIDIA geforce 320m. 86x system.
  4. Hello everyone,I tryed 2-3 years to install Mac Os X on a pc. First of all I had a really bad pc so it didn't work out! I finally bought my self a laptop and I tryed to install mac os x by : Iatkos s3 v2 but it allways crashed and I just knew it wasn't the right thing. I was looking all over the youtube and tryed 1000 difrent stuff to install. But same thing.Then I finally finded the right thing.Or is it.. any ways I found this! And I tryed and it workes but I get some errors,I actully allways get krnel panic. I'm not here becouse of the problem (maybe I am ) Well anyways I'm actully looking for the right way to do this and I'm looking for some kext for my pc. I think they are the reasons.. (I KNOW I SHOULDN'T ASK IT HERE,BUT THIS IS JUST MY WHOLE INSTALLATION PROCCESS) Cpu= Intel Pentium Inside t4500 2.3ghz Grapichs=nVidia GeForce GT 320m 1gb EVERYHTHING : 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART I'm really thankful.